Favorite word or phrase

I’m generally not a fan of forum games - I recognise how valuable they are to others but I haven’t had a visceral connection to any up till now

I’d like to propose a new one

Your favourite word or phrase

Because @BakersBunny has just given me one so that went right in there at the top of the list for me

not my monkeys not my circus

Lol :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nice one, Simon,

What do I say to anyone who is struggling, messing up, or simply failing big time?
Well, I seem to find it funny if I say “…and you HAVEN’T had a stroke!!”

A twisted sense of humour, I know
ciao, Roland.


I apparently used to say “do you think that’s wise” when a member of my team was about to do something they probably shouldn’t. I never really realised it until someone bought me a coaster with those words on. I’m now very conscious that I say it & it makes me chuckle, as it reminds me of them, when I do.


I also like


Which is the positive of disgruntled - which is heard rather more often .

Unfortunately I haven’t felt gruntled for a while



which means to upset someone or feeling upset because of what someone has said to you.
It’s a Staffordshire word, but I never realized until I few years ago when I said that word to my wife, who is from Norfolk and had never heard of it

An old Stoke -on -Trent word meaning food or a meal.
Another word my wife had never heard of. My late grandparents used that word a hell of a lot
“I’m going home to get some snappin down me!”


@stokiejoey my hubby uses snappin all the time. I’d never heard of it till I met him.

I’m not too far from you but i’ve never heard of sneeped. I’ll have to ask hubby if he knows that one.


" I never Did like you, and I always Will".

“OOSE” under the bed or in your navel. (Fluff).

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If you borrowed money from my mom and paid her back, she used to say “OK I’ll take your name out of the window now”. Apparently if you got credit from the local shop, they put your name in the window until you squared up. Appalling!
I’m an ex-brummie and now live in Kent. My wife suggested a route and I told her it wasn’t very good as it takes you “All the way round the Wrekin” Funnily enough, she had no idea what I was talking about. It’s a Midlands thing. Apparently, a giant, who was upset with a town, got a huge shovel of earth and was going to drop it on the town. Just outside, someone convinced him not to do it, so he dumped the earth where he stood. This hill became the Wrekin. so if you wanted to go anywhere, you had to go all the way round it.


@fryingtonite a very familiar saying to me being from somewhere near the Wrekin. I read the book about the giant as a kid :grin:

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Monkies again. My favourite quote from Henry Thoreau from way back which drove my sons mad, when teenagers and wanted the most fashionable expensive cloths.
A Monkey in Paris puts on a Hat and a Million Monkies all over the World do the same.

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Was amused as a kid by Northamptonshire old lady saying she was just off for a ‘purtle’ sixty odd years on my sisters still use it !

Hi @Mrs5K

So where you from? I was brought up in Great Barr, not far from the Perry Barr race track. :joy:

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Northampton, the boot and shoe town. Going to outside loo was known as , ‘ the back door trot.

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I’m from sunny Shropshire @fryingtonite more specificly Telford & have had many happy treks up the Wrekin. :grin:

@Mrs5K Oh, not far then! another phrase I heard when I used to work abroad was from a guy I think was from Yorkshire: “You’re as daft as a minty bullet half sucked” where a bullet is a sweet. :joy:

And another couple from my mom; If you did something which showed bad manners she’s say “Who dragged you up?” You, I said :joy:. Also if you were eating a meal over enthusiastically she’d say “Move up the trough”.
OK last one :grimacing: If money was tight, she’s say she would have to “go round the back of Rackhams” which rumour had it was where the ladies of the night used to hang out. :joy:

Keep Smilin’



My mum often used thecwho dragged you up one. And who’s patrnts used to say if you don’t stop crying i’ll give you something to cry for. Hmmmm like we needed anything else tomake us cry :joy::joy:

It’s amazing we all survived! :joy: