help, am suffering from awful fatigue. been planning to move house next week. any suggestions to ease please?

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Sorry to hear your fatigue is so bad. I find the only thing that helps me is rest. Not so easy when you have to sort for moving house.

Some people say that pushing for a bit then resting for a similar time span helps them. So for example work 30 mins rest 30 mins.

Keep yourself hydrated & eat some healthy foods as that might help.

Hope the move goes well.

Ann xx


I hope you soon get relief from all this.

I’d guess its just the pressure from everything to do with the move. Maybe try watching tv for 30 minutes or an hour, with a cup of tea, get your mind off the subject for a bit. If you fall asleep in front of the tv, so much the better.

The sooner that move is done the better.

Best wishes from me :slightly_smiling_face:


Moving house is exhausting for anyone. My fatigue relieving trick is to run through, visually, in my head what I am about to do, imagining myself doing it. Then when it comes to the actual task, it is more automatic and uses less mental energy.


Greetings Clare had to move on last Easter, Could have done without being stroked a year before. But managed it as suggested here, a period of activity then rest, I had to rely on an egg timer to remind me to take a break then reset it to make sure I had an equally long rest period . Hope you can summon up enough hands to help you. Had just got through my worst fatigue period when we had to move which was a blessing. Once moved completed, fatigue hit me again but four months on getting back to some normality. Take it steady and summon up all the help you can. Good luck and hope it’s trouble free


I manage to get away with ‘power naps’ of no more than 15 minutes. They recharge my batteries until I go to bed. I set an alarm on my phone. Sometimes though, I fall asleep before I have time to set the alarm, then my afternoon is lost! :laughing:


Fatguie is hard to handle so plan ahead do only what you can do without doing too much rest if you can get others to help you all if you can once you start to feel tried stop it will only get worse with kind regards des


Good luck with your move
Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help as they can do all the heavy lifting and are happy to help if they are able
Other wise just rest lots and try not to over do it

Magnesium supplements help stop cramp for some people but there are lots of alternatives out there ask in your local super foods store or your GP

Good luck :+1:


I would make a list then break it down into chunks,do a bit of the list at a time and pace to suit you and make it more manageable,a little bit everyday is better than Tring to do too much all at once then overwhelming yourself…and rope everybody in to help. Good luck with the move.x


I’m guessing you are moved in. I hope all went well and you are happily settled in.
Best wishes and good experiences for the future, Ann. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you. 5th day in the house. just sorting downstairs out as not attempting stairs whilst fatigued. there is no hurry

thank you Bob. 5th day in the house. just sorting downstairs out as not attempting stairs whilst fatigued. there is no hurry

thank you. 5th day in the house. just sorting downstairs out as not attempting stairs whilst fatigued. there is no hurry.

thank you. 5th day in the house. just sorting downstairs out as not attempting stairs whilst fatigued. there is no hurry

Glad you’re all moved in. As you say no hurry to sort everything. Slowly does it. My house is in a bit of upheaval at the mo as we’ve had the painter here. I’m just pretending I can’t see it and tackling it 1 bit at atime :rofl::rofl:
Hope you’ll be very happy in your new home. Xx

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Been in our bungalow now 5 months just about there, but loads of my personal junk in garage, just opening door and looking at it makes my head spin and have to have lie down. Keep telling myself it’s early days

thank you. i live downstairs at the mo. the 3 bedrooms are full of stuff to be sorted. i emptied the storage unit in the house. not even looked at it yet!!! all i am going to do is start at the front of one of the rooms and do a little bit at a time

@Pds I know that feeling. It’s hard enough moving & sorting pre stroke after stroke it must be horrid. I’m sure you’ll get there just do it 1 bit at a time. There’s no rush.

What was interesting was a lot of things I could just let go ,they weren’t important any more so charity shops did well, even now I’m questioning what’s really important and vital to me. For me the Stoke was a wake up call in someways, more philosophical, which was not me prestroke. Read on this site that other felt a mood change, more compassionate and thoughtful which I find now at my time of life a blessing

When I moved last time I had a load of stuff that remained in boxes for ages. In the end I just got rid as figured if I hadn’t needed it in a year then I probably wouldn’t need it. The charity shops did well from me too. Never missed the stuff.
Stroke can change people’s moods / personalities from what I’ve seen. I’ve become a bit more philosophical and more relaxed about some things that used to drive me mad. I do get a lot more anxious though which isn’t great. I like the sound of your compassionate and thoughtful.