Hi all carlene here just needing advice please, I had 2tias and a stroke a year and a half ago , I've gone back to work only mornings now though because I'm struggling with anxiety and fatigue. I was wondering if any one could help me with advice I'm crying today and very fatigue but worrying about everything has anyone been the same xxx

Sorry to hear about your story. Fatigue is a pain and my stroke team or teaching me to manage it. You need to rest before you get too tied. To allow your body and mind the time it needs. Are you working too much can you cut back on hours. Hope yo stay safe all the best des x

Thank you des I've cut my hours loads I think I just need to slow down x

Glad to hear that.  This heat is making things like fatigue harder Al the best des x

I am sorry to hear of your issues. These are frustrating. I suggest that you try to build up your fitness. Regular walking helps a lot. Maybe you can try some gentle sport? I find that time gardening is satisfying.

I have found that it takes months to build up stamina. You cannot fight this. I find that working mornings works for me. I take a rest when required, maybe for an hour or two. I some days are better than others. I try to avoid long work sessions. It is better to split them up.

I find some types of work are easier than others. On a bad day, I try to keep it simple!

Please continue as best you can, not too much!

Best regards,


How are doing I hope thing are better with kind regards des

Hi des I'm getting there thanks just feeling drained today and foggy headed ,hope you're ok 

I know the feeling of being tired ? Stay safe all the best des


Thank you x

I find that fatigue fuels anxiety and anxiety fuels fatigue , please rest when you can , i have tried to do more than i should and found myself stressed and low , simular to yourself try just watching a virtual living flame on you tube on the telly , and just switching off ,  works for me ?

This is true for me, when fatigued my anxiety levels rise, and it makes my symptoms acute, thus increasing the anxiety. Conversely, if anxious, my symptoms become acute, and managing them makes me fatigued. It's a feed loop. 

Aw thank you for replying I had the stroke last year and am now back to work only mornings but it's definitely catching up with me,the fatigue is getting me down my arms and legs hurt . I'm so sorry to moan to you lol x

it has been two years and so. this fatigue is really a killer. I used to cry, depressed as I was 40 years old when it hit me first. you don't find the strength to go out for a walk or to do any exercise. but yes light walks or even standing outside in fresh air really helps. do not let negative thoughts rule your life. keep control of yourself and self-love is very important.

FATIGUE 2 YEARS 3 MONTHS !                                                           Hi  Nadya , similar to you , stroke at 61 , NO IMPROVEMENT,  Fatigue every day,  bed & sleep am , to manage pm ! Have you seen improvements , over 2 years ? Not good at walking . Rain or shine walk with stick to folley in garden,  for my coffee  . Got my woolly hat out now. Yes something about,  just being outside,  is good . You are so young for this.  Good talking David. 

It is sad. this fatigue must be the biggest after effect of stroke. or maybe because of the medication, we start after stroke.

but i have accepted it will never leave. i get worse in the evening until or unless i do not sit down and forget about world.

look at the life you can do or fix what you can. self-love and care is very important for us.

walk or stand in front of open window breathing exercises helps a lot. enjoy your woolly hat.

yes, I was very young to have a stroke and that is i have been ignored like anything.



Fatige is a nightmare, gone from yesterday playing football to feeling like Iv ran several marathons after a short task or long conversation. By 3pm I normally struggle to function and find myself in bed by 7-8pm. Only been 7 months so hoping things will improve but try every day to smile and enjoy life but still gets to me. Hope your well 

it is a long journey. try to be kind to yourself. and sleep early I do that as I have been back at work. but being on furloug did not help me.

brought me lots of depression and other problems. staying be positive becomes difficult but there is no other solution.

as my son said i am not bleeding so people can not see or understand your pain.


stay strong and keep smiling.