Hi all, I'm kendell. I'm 28 and in march this year I had a "shower" of strokes. 7 bleeds at once . I thank god I survived and through all the physio since I came home 6x a week I'm getting there with the physio side of things. But the fatigue is really getting me down more than anything. I want to be up and trying my excersises but sometimes I can just about listen to a conversation.. As I'm sure people will know it's so hard to explain the feeling. It happens anytime . I can wake up feeling like that. Ive been told its caused by the stroke but just wondering how people deal with it. Is there anything I can do to ease it or do when it comes on . Its frustrating as I feel I'm not trying to recover at least when the fatigue hits. 

Hi  -  as you will have read from other posts, fatigue is the absolute bug-bear for every stroke survivor.  Learning to manage that is a constant challenge.  However, giving your brain plenty of rest is a positive thing.  Your brain cannot carry out daily demands and heal or re-wire itself simultaneously.  Your brain needs you to work in partnership, so when you are resting it can get on with the massive task of working out how it can find new routes to send messages!!  You will gradually learn how far you can push yourself and your tired brain, but you are still relatively early days, and it sounds as though your multiple areas of damage will need a lot of your brain's undivided attention.  As John has suggested, find your own patterns of resting, and that will be a feature of the days, whilst you recover.  You have youth on your side, so be gentle with yourself now, and reap the benfits in the future.  

You will find lots of fabulous help and support on this site, from people who have 'been there', and know exactly what you are experiencing.  Tap into their knowledge, so that you know you are NOT alone  ?

Take good care, rest, rest and then rest a little bit more xx

Thank you very much. Yes I joined up on here yesterday and read posts and found it very helpful . Yes I understand my brain is having to work over time to do the littlest of tasks . Hopefully in time it will ease and thank you for your words of support it's very much appreciated xx