I have for a while now been trying to cope with fatigue and put my recent improvement down to a Q10 supplement that I have been taking. I now think that I could have been mistaken.

About the same time that I started the Q10 500mg I decided to give up coffee and replace it with cocoa.

I did some research online and concluded that cocao was an even better option. Notice the slight difference in spelling ie ao rather than oa at the end. In simple terms Cocao is raw that is the beans have not been roasted.  I got mine from Amazon for around £9-00 for a large bag 500g


I suspect that this has helped with my fatigue, in fact the results are amazing. On Sunday I got up at         4-30 am drove to Telford which is 140miles did a days work and came home. I did not drive the return leg but think I could, had I needed to. I was tired when I got home but not much different than pre stroke which was only 4 months ago.

Watching TV tonight I see that cocoa is now being used to ease fatigue in patients with MS.

I start the day with a strong mug full, no milk, no sugar, and repeat it 3 times during the day.

I can't recommend it highly enough and would be interested to know if it is as effective for others as it has been for me.

I have also just got a treadmill which I picked up cheap on EBAY. I am able to support my weight on the arms enabling me to have long walks with out leg cramps. This has helped enormously with walking as it enables me to do twice as many steps compared to actual walking.I suspect its the repeats which are helping.  


Regards . Neil

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