Father had a TIA and seizure

Just looking for support really as I am feeling drained and unsure of how to proceed. My 81 year old father had a TIA and seizure on 24/10/22. Long standing history of systolic hypertension, poorly controlled with Atenolol. So it seems it was definitely a hypertensive crisis that caused this. No other risk factors, always been generally well apart from BP. He had a TIA in 2017 though the recent one was more severe with aphasia for afew hours and a tonic clonic seizure. Now on multiple anti-hypertensives aswell as a baby dose of aspirin and atorvastatin. The MRI scan indicated micro bleeds and moderate small vessel disease. Saw a stroke consultant who spoke only about BP control. Seen his GP too. The NHS care has not been great. Father is a retired cardiologist (and a poor patient I might add) and I have some medical background. The issue is now that I would like him to see a Neurologist as I have observed lapses in memory/confusion (this pre-dated the October TIA) but has definitely been more pronounced over the last few weeks. I play word games with him to try to maintain cognitive skills. My fear is this is the start of vascular dementia. Originally he agreed to see a Neurologist though now he is changing his mind. I respect his right to autonomy but how can I best help him? He can be very stubborn. Sorry for the moan, just looking for any advice etc. I have sleepless nights worrying about how best to help him. :anguished:


@Char15 welcome to the forum although sorry your father has had a TIA & Seizure. Very worrying for you too.
It sounds to me like you’re doing all the right things to help him with his recovery.
The NHS care people get does seem to be very hit & miss. Not really acceptable but I can’t see it improving any time soon.
I would try & push to see a neurologist as this could help you get some more answers. Ultimately though you can’t make him go. Are you perhaps able to talk to the stroke team & ask them some questions about all the mucro bleeds & small vessel disease?
The Stroke Association helpline might be able to provide some advice on how you can get your father to be a bit less stubborn.
Wishing you both all the best.

Ann x

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Hi Char15
Sorry to hear about your father’s health. I would suggest speaking with stroke consultant for a referral to neurology, if no joy there ask GP to do one for you. Do not apologise about moaning, speak with your stubborn father and hopefully he will come round to the idea that you are doing this in the best interest for him
regards Chris

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Thank you everyone for your kind replies. It’s reassuring having kind people like you. I am wondering if I should try to get hold of his medical notes just to give me the full picture.
Paul - I’m sorry to hear about your experiences, sending you good wishes.
Thanks again everyone.
Charlotte x