Fatguied days

Last two to three days have been stressful taking to the bank about out small loan which if there is s gap between when my SSP ends Nov 16 (have to get a new one for September 16 to November 16) and when my ESA starts which look likley  we will only have my wife's pay so talking to the bank about option's while the benefits kick in. They have a special support people unit which help people who are ill etc and there might not be able to work phoning us a week on Monday. My wife as taken daughter back to Plymouth university so on my own feeling very fatguied my wife should be back on Sunday afternoon  and I have to have a heart scan on Sunday too all the joys of having s stroke

Thanks have had the heart monitor months ago for 48 hours nothing wrong  in the main so the results say so why the scan just been on a short walk fatguied now so rest time

Des, an irregular heartbeat can cause a stroke. I had same machine on for 76 hours after my second small stroke last year. Nothing untoward found. Fatigue is something we have to live with. As well as my normal short walk today, I had to walk to and from my local doctors for the flu jab. Shattered afterwards.

Thanks ?

Hi Des-  I know all this constant doctoring gets to be a real drag.   I went through all that, too.  It seems to be standard procedure after a stroke.  I was told to see my GP, a cardiologist and a neurologist--which I did.  Had the heart scan and wore a Holter heart monitor .  I'm glad I did, as they found afib, which had caused the stroke.  They put me on a tablet once a day to control that.  It's a load off my mind.   It seems like for a while you spend all your time going to the doctor.  But eventually, that all eases off,  as they get everything figured out.  Life does get back to a certain amount of normalcy.  So, we just have to jump through a few hoops for a brief time.  Fatigue- ugh! We all deal with it.   I think it slowly gets less intense over time.  Hang in there.  You're not alone.smiley Jeanne

I've just checked back on my bank account and I had no gap between ssp and esa assessment rate starting to be paid. That was in 2016 so maybe things have changed now. Once I had face to face assessment the amount went up. 


Ok thanks there are behind because if the virus so will have to see