Family carer’s experiences of taking over the self-management of stroke survivors co-morbidities post-stroke.

About the study

This is a project undertaken by a student nurse working towards a master’s degree.

The questions in the interview will be about your experience of caring for and supporting a family member who has had a stroke and another long-term condition.

This research will help understand the level of advice given after hospital on how to assist in supporting stroke survivors with other long term health condition(s). Knowing this information may identify barriers carers face and ways that might overcome these barriers, which could help to provide further advice for carers. 

Who can take part?

  • Family-related carers of a stroke individual with at least one other long term health condition.
  • Individuals must be 18 or older and be able to communicate in English.
  • UK wide opportunity for those who carry out their interview via video call. Those who would like a face-face interview would need to live near Southampton or nearby Hampshire area (expenses are not reimbursed).

*Those who express an interest in the study must sign a consent form before starting the interview.

What is involved in taking part?

You will be invited to do one individual interview. This will be with the researcher.

Interviews will take place via Microsoft Teams (video call).

There is an option for a face to face interview at University of Southampton should the participant choose this method.  *Please note expenses will not be reimbursed.

This will be organised for a time and date of your convenience.

The interview will be audio-recorded with your consent, so it can be transcribed by the researcher afterwards to increase the accuracy of data analysis for the study. Unfortunately, if you do not wish for the interview to be recorded, you will not be allowed to take part in the interview.

The interview will last for around an hour and then you will fill out a short socio-demographic questionnaire.

For further enquires and to take part contact:

Anna Major (MSc Student Nurse, Researcher)