Facial paraesthesia

Hello everyone,

Long story short, had a stroke in November, and TIA in December. Everything was going well with the given situation. They never found anything on what caused the strokes. A month ago, I was taken off of Eliquis and put on baby aspirin. Then last Monday I had a cerebral angiogram done.

And as of now, I am currently in the hospital with right arm and face with pins and needles with no other symptoms. CT came back clear, and so is every test so far. And what is weird to me,the pins and needles come and go. It’s never constant.

I just wanted to reach out if anyone else has had symptoms like this? Or any complications after an angiogram?. I’m not ruling out it could be something else, but the timing with this test is making me to believe this is why I feel this way.


it’s called peripheral neuropathy
hopefully it’s not too bad,
and you can attempt some self-help to retrain your brain…
your brain is unable to ‘decode’ what certain nerves (which work perfectly) are feeling
You can search for other cases of paraesthesia (spelling can vary). It’s common.

Good luck, Roland


@Nb2023 hope they get to the cause of your symptoms soon for you.

Was there a reason they took you off eliquis? In relation to the angiogram maybe?

The angiogram i had was a cintrast one with dye only…have you had catheters fitted or this one? It says there’s a small risk of a stroke with it but I assume you’ve told them about yhe angiogram and they’re looking into that & / or ruled it out.

It is possible that you have some sort of neuropathy. The fact that your tests so far are clear is encouraging.

Good luck & hope you get some answers.



The neuro doctor and hematologist agreed that I didn’t have to be on the eliquis any longer.

I had the angiogram with contrast as well. Yes, the neuro doctor who did my angiogram was the one who ordered the test. So, I guess he thought it was something to do to rule out anything.

I have know only a little about neuropathy. So I will have to do some research. No doctor has brought that up as of yet. So maybe I will to see what they say.

It’s just very discouraging…


It’s definitely worth asking about neuropathy. I’ve never had it diagnosed formally but i get tingling / pins & needles in my feet & legs. Not necessarily on my stroke side but I have another condition of which it is a symptom so i have put it down to that. I did mention it to my GP & she wasn’t overly concerned.

Be interested to hear what they say is causing yours.

Take care.


Update, I’m being released because MRI came back okay. Just the old stroke showing up. I brought up nerve damage from the CT angiogram, and they said it could be a possibility.

Then I go, well how do you treat it if it is?
I have to call my family doctor and follow up with her. She’s like well hopefully this will go away by tomorrow.

I’m happy nothing came back, but at the same time. I would like to know what to do about the pins and needles that keeps coming and going.


Good news that the scans have come back ok although that doesn’t provide you any answers. Really hope the pins & needles have gone by tomorrow & that you can get an appointment with your GP quickly so you can get some advice / further help from them.

Best wishes


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Hi Nb
Potentially there are a lot of different outcomes and I suspect no one will be able to tell you the answer at this stage.

  • it will disappear by itself
  • you may be able to limit the sensation with medication
  • it might evolve into different sensations of which there can be a right old mixture
  • or you may be stuck with the sensation you have currently

It is often described as pins and needles but mine feels very different from that which you might get from banging your elbow.

You might find that there are certain drivers for the sensation, movement, cold, stress etc and these might be one of the reasons why it comes and goes.

If you find for instance that it settles down when in bed, you might find that warmth, relaxing/mindfulness are really useful.

Hope this helps


yes, this is crucial

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