Has anyone experienced side effects while on this medication

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Have you had a look online ?

Hi @chriss1056

If you go to the top of the screen and tap the magnifying glass icon insert ezetimbe and hit return you’ll find the has been discussed quite a lot of times




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@chriss1056 just wanted to say hi & welcome.

I’ve not had that tablet so can’t help with your query but someone will no doubt be along who had.

Hope you find the forum useful & look forward to hearing more from you in time.

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Hi Chris, sorry can’t help, I’ve not had that particular medication, just wanted to say hello and welcome.
I’m sure someone on this forum will be able to help. Look forward to hearing from you.
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Hi Chriss— I’ve been taking Ezetimibe for maybe 10 years, since I can’t tolerate statins. I’ve never had any side effects. :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

Hi @chriss1056
not one of my medications but welcome to the group

Just here to say Hi and welcome you to the forum :blush:

Thank you for you comments,and for the welcome to the group

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Me again ,I’m getting myself in a panic .I’ve started on the tablets .When the surgery pharmacist rang she said we have been reviewing your medication.I have Levothyroxine and Mirtazipine.She told me my cholesterol was above recommended level ,it’s 3.4 ,So medication and change my diet .My diet is pretty good ,low in saturated fat ,veg ,plenty of fruits especially berries .No alcohol.The next thing the surgery said do you get plenty of exercise,i said just short walks in my local area .Then she suggested swimming,not sure how would work out because the stroke affected my right side.I have got some use in my arm but I can’t lift it above my head.

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@chriss1056 i’m surprised they said your cholesterol was high at 3.4. Ideally they like under 4 but they’re normally happy with 5. But there are good & bad cholesterol levels & maybe your bad (LDLs?) Cholesterol is higher than they’d like it. When i had my stroke my cholesterol was 6.3 but my LDLs wereover 4 & should be below 2. My overall is now 3.6 & they are very happy with it.

Swimming could be worth a try. I’m not a great swimmer & have a weak left side but managed to do some wonky swimming a couple of weeks ago. I do a version of breast stroke so I don’t need to lift arm above head. But even just holding on to side of pool & kicking legs could help.

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Hi I have taken this tablet for three years. No problems. Lilian

I have been taking this for just over 3 years, as an alternative to statins, which didn’t agree with me at all. No problems.