Eyesight test

Just had my eyesight checked it’s all ok a slight change In prescription but all is well must be old age. However after about 50 min of tests and picking the new specs I was glad to get home a bit fatguied hope all is well with everyone des


Thanks I eye test was due about 6 months ago so I thought it best to have one it’s been about 14 months since the stroke. Hope all is ok des

@Des_murphy glad your eye test went ok. I had vision changes as part of my stroke so I waited quite a while before getting a test. I had to do one before my orthoptics appointment. Was told my vision had changed a bit but I’ve not ordered new glasses yet as orthoptics told me my left eye was weak & I’m doing exercises to improve it. Hopefully get a retest & new glasses soon.
Hopefully your fatigue won’t last too long.
Best wishes

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