Extreme Thirst

I'm back in hospital initially with a suspected infection which proved negative . I have extreme thirst and lots and lots of wee . Has anyone after their stroke had these symptoms? 

Not exactly. But stroke seems to have removed my ability to recognize when I need a wee etc. My guess is that the brain is simply not reading the messages that the muscles are sending. And so I am forever going to the loo.

I hope you are drinking the necessary plenty of water because your brain needs it. Beyond that, some tablets might have the thirst effect.

I am currently at a loss about what to do about the wee thing. I am just tired of endless seeing the GP etc. There is always something.

But we are getting there arent we ? 




Apparently my 6 1/2 litre  that I'm taking in is far too much . !! They think my kidneys are not working properly- maybe a signal from the pituarity gland . One doctor suggested it's rare but might be a link to my stroke . 

Now that is excessive. Your size will be relevant but not 6 litre relevant. I am small so 1 litre is a lot.

So many side and after effects. So many. Drives us crazy doesnt it.

As someone posted recently, keep on keeping on.