Extra help and concessions

Does seem you got tables to work though & I didn’t !

What’s your familiar software? Office 365 suit? Or Google sheets and docs?

I use a chrome google laptop (don’t panic it has lots of polar bear stickers on it) and don’t want to pay for office and can’t get it for free from work anymore and anyway at the end of my career I was a freelance consultant so I had no in work banking payoff etc…

so I just use google docs / sheets etc at the mo.

However (and I know that’s just a fancy but - but I use but too much!) JP has some fancy software on his work from home computer that he says he might be able to help e do something with my stuff when I’ve finished with it. He is a production editor for the online edition of a major national newspaper…

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or whatever its called… Some lenovo thing.

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I think that is a fantastic comprehensive list and links youve put together there Kieran… very very useful for fellow survivors in the London area.

Youve done the job of the Stroke Association, Citizens Advice Bureau et all.

Can you now please replicate it for every other county in the UK, please, buddy.

Cheers you big helpful furry polar bear




Hi Andy :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My idea is actually to get it into a more user friendly format - a table or something and then I can pass that on to lovely people like yourself to adapt for your local area!! Where are you?!


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here is a picture of a big furry polar bear for you :wink:

Collecting polar bear footprints to map family trees - BBC News


Hi Secret Squirrel (Ursus maritimus)

Do you know what my stroke guide isn’t just a forum but is also a website with exactly the same name and that my stroke guide website is full of the sort of information that you’re compiling :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t find the website sufficiently accessible to use - if you crack that particular nut It will be a valuable endeavour indeed :slight_smile: equally you might just be duplicating it?

I guess the big advantage you have is visceral understanding of our needs


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Will muse on that!!!

Thanks @SimonInEdinburgh

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Morning my Polar pal,
Im up in the North West.

Wirral to be more precise


That is south of me! Not quiet daan sarf - that’s KGB, but definitely south :slight_smile: serth?


Well done you, thank you for doing this, @KGB :heart:
The more info there is for #StrokeWarriors, the better


Hi Rob
This is exactly what has happened to me. Years of paying NI to be told for 2 years i hadnt pid enough NI.
If i call them will they tell me how much I have to pay .


Hi Helen,

The system is a joke! If you call HMRC they will tell you exactly what to pay and you can pay over the phone. Tell them it is Benefits related and they should escalate it for you so the DWP can see it in a couple of days. Call HMRC back a couple of days later to check that the payment is recorded on your file then call DWP and you should get some joy. Don’t forget, they will not pay for 6 weeks after you top up your contributions. Good luck


Can I add this to KGB’s list.

This is perhaps one of those things that is often put off until it’s a bit too late. As I understand it, medically, even if you are a partner, the medical staff may take your views into account but they don’t have to follow them.
If the stroke is severe, it may cause no end of problems/delays accessing accounts.

Don’t be fooled by the numerous other Google entries. Only ever do this on the Gov site. Cost is £82 for each one, less if on benefits.


Dear All - I have made the first post in this thread a ‘wiki’ - which means anyone can edit it!

Please feel free to add anything to it that you want but please don’t delete existing info!!


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