Hi all, I'm 41 and had an ischaemic stroke (thalamus) 3 weeks ago. I had facial weakness which has now gone but I still feel completely exhausted by the end of the day, is this normal? THANK YOU  

Hi, sounds like you are doing well, especially after just 3 weeks. I had my stroke (CVA) 3 years ago and I still get exhausted. So,yes this is normal.


Thank you, I feel I got off very likely! I'm so scared off having another one. 

I can understand that, I was also lucky enough to come off lightly compared to others on the ward. True there is that fear that another one may happen, but don't let it control your lifesmiley

I won't! I've 2 beautiful little girls and I want to be here for them! I hope you're OK? Thank you for your input ?