Exercise bike

Doing my daily work out on the exercise bike and hit a personal best of 3 miles, no significant fatigue Burt 3300 calories and kept my left hip straight.

Once I can move more fluidly I will go farther and in all weathers.greay mental boost to know you are improving each day , in one week I have gone from 1.8 miles to 3 miles so building stamina.


Thanks another step closer to my new normal, wenton to make myself beans on toast with one arm, bit tricky but did it

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Wow @mrfrederickson thats massive progress in a week. Well done to you. And making beans on toast too. There’s no stopping you now :blush:

So glad you are being so proactive about getting better. Good for you!! :grinning: :heart:Jeanne

Thanks have ordered a bread board with spikes to help the bread sliding off when I butter it

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Very ingenious! :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread:

It’s amazing what there is out there to help us with our daily challenges :grinning:

Made my target of 4 miles today on the exercise bike feeling weary so nap time

Well done @mrfrederickson you’re doing really well

Nearing my limit thoughhad a big nap after.

Unbelieveable! 4 miles! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

Surprised myself a bit certainly drained my energy reserves

Well done. I have converted my old push bike to an exercise bike (by putting it on a purpose built stand). It has a dynamo to try to charge my mobile which to be honest is pretty hopeless, but no mileometer so Im working on increasing the amount of time I spend peddalling - working up from the length of “The Archers” to slightly longer programmes - but I do stop to rest between peddalling

Great ingenuity :grin: like the idea, good luck with the measurement rest are good I feel pooped after 2 miles at 4 my legs are jelly