Exercise and muscle pain

Hello Fellow Survivors.
Been just over a year since Stroke and in that year I improved my diet further (it was quite good pre stroke). Spent months getting used to Brain fog and the worst one for me Fatigue. Physically I have been lucky but over last year have seen my physical capabilities drop . I do the dog walk so steps up but very little else. So I have gained 6 pounds in last year.
I find exercise difficult as I do suffer constantly with muscle/bone/joint pain. I have had various blood tests to rule out items and now my GP is monitoring.
The question no one seems to answer is
Should I push on with getting back into an exercise regime irrespective of muscle aches or is that good or bad for me.
Hoping someone in this group can help.

I’m 4 years post stoke at age 73. I’m limited with what I can do and have gained 20 lbs. after my stoke. I had physiotherapy until I ruptured a disc in my back. Since then I have muscle stiffness and aches almost daily. Yesterday I tried to change the sheets on our bed and have been not doing well since. It seems that when I feel good enough to do something it results in my having to take several days of rest. I thought my stroke symptoms would continue to get better with time, not worse. Maybe it’s age related too. I’m certainly not young, but my stroke has definitely made me age quicker. I feel so much of it is out of my control. Sorry to be such a downer. Hope you find something to help you.


Hi @Al59 - I would recommend having a session with a physio if that’s possible for you.
After my stroke I was referred via the Stroke Association to a rehab exercise class run by our local authority affiliated gym. Following that I joined the gym and continued to exercise. I then developed a painful shoulder on my weak side and self referred to an NHS physio (pre Covid). The physio gave me some specific exercises to do for the shoulder but also gave me advice about my ‘regular’ exercise sessions.
I would hope that all physios are able to advise about exercise and the ‘dos and don’ts’. You might also want to explore whether you have any rehab classes locally as the trainers are well-used to accommodating people’s medical issues.
Good luck.

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Actually, since I’ve been wearing my back brace around it’s starting to ease. Drs. advised me not to have surgery since it probably wouldn’t help much and could make it worse. They suggest stretching and light exercise and said it will heal overtime. I irritate it when I try to do too much. At physiotherapy they tended to push me to do a few more, wanting to see progress. I should have listened to my aching body and stopped. I’m lucky I don’t need the heavy pain meds. I should be grateful🥰


Hi there. Have you investigated whether it could be CPSP? (Central Post Stroke Pain). It took me quite a while to get mine diagnosed. A lot of GPs don’t know much about it. Once diagnosed I was given medication for it. You need to ask to be referred to a specialist.
For me, CPSP manifests in soreness (like a cross between sunburn and a nasty graze) in my muscles after exercise. Apparently my brain processes the muscle pain with a different sensation to the usual post exercise sensation.
A physio at UCLH said that as a general rule of thumb, is there is no pain at time of exercising, then you should be OK.
It took me a long time to find this out and my recovery suffered as a result.


I am open to all suggestions and will take it up with my doc. Thank you