Thought I was having flawup so started emergency pack so many tablets to take

@Mickyboy hope you’re OK & that things have settled a bit. Take it easy & look after yourself x

Thinking of you. Hope you are ok. Lilian.

Mickyboy–Sorry to hear it. Hope you’re feeling better now. :heart: Jeanne


Thanks for all your support coming up to a week now still feel wobbly, not sure if it was infection or result of having flu,and covid jabs but started my emergency pack anyway as didn’t feel right mick.

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@Mickyboy could have been your jabs perhaps. I was ill for a week after all my covid jabs. Hopefully the wobbliness will ease very soon x

Hi all been 2 weeks since my flu and covid jabs slowly getting better really took it out of me

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Good to hear you’re on the mend. It sure has knocked you about a bit by the sounds of it. Take it easy x

I’ve got my jabs on Saturday. Dreading it as been poorly for a good week after all my previous jabs. On the plus side at least I don’t have to juggle work with the side effects this time :woozy_face:
Hope you’re OK after yours xx

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Hello @Mickyboy. Glad you are feeling better eventually. If it makes anyone less anxious I had the renamed Pfizer vaccine - cominarty, on Sunday. I had a sore arm and sore glands under my arm but it’s OK now. I couldn’t get a flu one for another couple of weeks, but I did have both together this time last year. Julia x

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I’m sorry that you have been so poorly with your jabs. I was dreading mine but other than a bit of a sore arm dont seem to have suffered any ill effects this time. I hope you continue to get better

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