ESA online

I have been told that you can only apply online for ESA. I might be stupid but how them do you send other medical and support information. Is it by post by email or by photo on-line I have some help from a local advice and community cafe and there do face to face support that on Tuesday f there is space for me. Any hints thanks

Hi Des

i've just successfully applied for ESA for my husband after reading about it on this forum back in April. If you search ESA apply online and click on the link then complete basic info about you eg name address etc you will then receive a paper form to fill in and post back to the DWP.

You can also include relevant Medical notes / paperwork with the completed form.

We were then contacted to do a medical assessment by phone and have just heard back today that my husband is in the support group. The process took around 3 months and I had to get a couple of fit notes from the GP but it was worth the effort plus it means his NI contributions are being paid as my husband is only Age 58.

Also if you are willing to hang on it's worth phoning the DWP ESA support team as they were helpful with my questions.

Good luck with the application 



Thanks for that I am going to a face to face meeting at a arcade advice community cafe in my area all the best des

Just got my ESA though filling out the questionnaire now what a fuss it’s been lol