Energy Levels

I’ve reached six months since my stroke and my energy levels seem to have really dropped. I still have a ‘horrid head’ (pressure and a sort of giddy woozy feeling) and don’t feel I can just press on with it. I’m struggling to get out for a walk, just can’t be bothered. GP has referred the head issue back to the stroke unit and a private neurologist said it’s anxiety. Is this it now?

Any advice welcome :pray:

Certainly not. Recovery is slow and full of ups, downs, mood changes and levels of energy that vary. I am nearly 7 years post stroke, my big one, and find my days and weeks still vary. Some days walking is better than others and some days I get more done. If I attempt too much my energy levels fall away. Every day I get fuzzy headed at 11 am and need an hour’s nap at noon. After that I’m pretty okay. I still hope for further recovery and still keep working at it.

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Have a look at the Spoon Theory which uses a limited number of spoons as an analogy for units of available energy.

@DDMH sorry you’re still feeling rough. 6 months is still very early days & there’s plenty of time for improvements. Anxiety can affect people in lots of ways & is probably feeding into some of your symptoms.
It may seem silly but doing some exercise, despite lacking energy, may help your energy levels. You need to find a balance between exercising & rest. I started by doing a bit more around the house…dusted 1 room, then next day did another room or if i couldn’t manage it just sat and tidied a drawer. Slowly but surely I built up what i was able to do. I still get days where I can’t do much & the sofa is my friend but overall i am doing more.
I still get awful heads at times but less frequent. They are worse when i am fatigued or stressed.
Have you tried anything like CBT?
Its definitely not it now. You will continue to make improvements. Good that your GP has referred you back to stroke unit.
Above all really try & control your anxiety as that may help loads.
Take care.

Ann xxx

It’s quite normal stroke fatguie can last for months or years for some it never ends we have to learn to live with it and manage it not easy but if you read online about stroke fatguie management you might find it useful with kind regards des

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DDMH-I know how you feel. I felt the same way several months after my stroke. Those feelings (pressure and giddy, woozy, low energy, etc.) did not go away quickly. In fact, in my case they have gradually ebbed away over the years., so slowly I couldn’t see it happening. I feel pretty good now–4 years out. But if I overdo, or become overly tired, they creep back at a lesser degree and for a short while. So, I try to take good care of myself so this doesn’t happen. Don’t be discouraged. Everyone heals differently and at different speeds. This isn’t “IT”. Hang in there. Every day in every way you’re getting better and better. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Hi @DDMH - I’m sorry you’re feeling rubbish at the moment. I am nearly 2 years since my stroke and I have days like this too. They’ve definitely got less often and like other people on this forum it’s taking one day at a time. I like to challenge myself and say what do I need to do today day and I set my targets for that day. Next day I’ll push it a bit further and so on. I also do meditation and mindfulness exercises each day which definitely helps. You’re doing really well and I hope your progress is is good :blush: Leanne