EMI unit care home

Hello everyone 

my dad is 76 and he had a stroke 5 weeks ago was left side and he had a clot then a bleed caused by the immediate treatment.

he ended up with pneumonia in the hospital a week after the stroke but recovered from that. He has recovered physically really well but cognitively not well at all.

he had a couple of aggressive episodes one of which was quite bad and the hospital have now advised he needs to go in EMI unit in a care home.

has anyone had experience of these units I went to visit one and it was pretty grim I have another to visit tomorrow.

any comments appreciated 

Hello Natalie,

I worked in EMI homes for many years and they can be a bit daunting on first entering. I think the difficulty with these particular classifications of care home is the variety of conditions they accept so there are a great deal of varied user needs. See how you get on at the second place, it's can be difficult as they're not often all nearby but sometimes it's worth going slightly further if you find somewhere that feels right.

All the best of luck with your visit.