Electrical stimulation

Ia m 2years post. Stroke nouse left ar. And had hand cannnot opn hand have been using electrical stimuation evety day for 10 months. No improvementb. Has any one else had any sucesss


@Geraldl I’ve not tried electrical stimulation for my hand. I did try for my leg but it was unsuccessful.

There is a conversation going on here that might be useful My Right Hand

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Thank you for youbfeedbackmy physio has recomended i try iit for my leg.
My atttitude is i wi give any thing. A go i use a motmed loop. Twice a weeek and it has improved my balancea. And lleg strength

I have TENS but got nowhere with it … a bit better with EMS though… will try again soon since i have the machine and not really using it

good luck, Roland

Hi @Geraldl
I’m 3 years post.

In the last few weeks I have found my middle two fingers beginning to respond when my head tells them to move.

I’ve used most things. FES, saebo glove Neroball from neurofenix, grippable, the GRASP manuals, mirror therapy, own compiled boxes of walnuts and clothes bags etc

I haven’t found any of them particularly useful. I found a FES made stuff move but didn’t reconnected to my brain. Couldn’t go with mirror therapy at all. The electronic ‘tools’ are still more idea with potential than delivered IME

My ignorant untrained suspicion is that work that I did to get my shoulder and elbow working has aided in getting my hand working. There is a phrase that recovery happens proximally to distally - that is from nearer the brain first to further away last.

On that basis I would suggest the hand wakes up when it’s constantly called upon to co-operate with whatever the arm in total is trying to do. Initially that was washing - couldn’t get it to my navel initially now it’s capable of getting behind my head - I described it here Hope this would help more people in need - #7 by SimonInEdinburgh

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