Eight weeks post stroke

Hi everyone, I am new on this site and eight weeks ago I had a Left Basal Ganglia Haemorrhage.  Pleased to say I have most functions back for which I am really grateful but I have a couple of questions?  Firstly I am still feeling quite tired and secondly I am worried about having another one.  I am taking medication to lower my blood pressure which is working well but is there anything else I should be doing?  

Dear Laramax

Sorry to learn of a stroke biting you but welcome to our forum.

Your doctors will recommend medication and this will often include tablets to keep your BP down and tablets to thin your blood.

It is very early days for you. But please make sure all your limbs and muscles are kept in good order with gentle exercise. I stupidly ignored that aspect whilst I concentrated on the cognitive stuff and now I regret it. 

Most of us get an irrational fear of another stroke. Its our brain telling us it doesnt want a repeat !

That fear does ease as the weeks tick by. The first 4 weeks we are genuinely vulnerable to another stroke, but once past that mark you are less likely than most to have another stroke. Your blood and BP are being medicated so that will reduce the risk.

Most of us get post stroke tiredness. Do not underestimate this. Your brain is working hard at the moment and you need to let it go at its own slow pace. It is working around the dead bits in your brain, finding alternative paths for everything you might do. Your brain can not feel pain. So let it rest whenever it wants to. It is also likely to be boiling over with the effort, so keep well hydrated. I hate this part, but it is essential.

This will also be a good time to get your diet sorted. And to work towards your ideal weight with a view to it being permanent.

Finally, please smile and be positive.

False, fake or forced smiles will do. This really does work.

I have read hundreds of postings on this forum and its the positive people who recover best. Your comment that you are grateful that most functions are working is an ideal positivity.

We are all here for you. And so pleased to welcome someone who is recovering so well.


Hi Colin,  thank you for the welcome and the encouraging reply.  I am probably wanting too much too soon but I am keen to progress.   I like the idea about working towards getting the diet right but I think it was fairly good before and I was at a weight I was comfortable with - now I am struggling as bit to get it back up as I lost quite a bit of weight post stroke.  I lost my appetite quite a lot but it is coming back slowly and I eat mainly home cooked foods and healthy stuff.   Happily one of the things the doctor was keen for me to do is keep on walking the dogs which I have been doing and fortunately the weather has been pretty kind with that so I am keeping up with exercise and keeping the dogs content too.  I am pleased that I have joined the group and thank you again for your welcoming words.


Hi Joan, Colin, As always, gives wise advice. My stroke was three years ago and I lost a stone in weight whilst in hospital. My appetite is smaller now and I changed my diet to one day meat, one day vegetarian and one day fish. I have also cut down on alcohol.

Fatigue is common after stroke. It eases, but mine has not gone away. It is your brain telling you to rest. Fears also ease, but stroke tends to make you feel more vulnerable than you probably used to be.

I have benefitted enormously from exercise classes. These have built up my strength and balance and made me go out and mix with other people. Remember, though, that progress after stroke can be slow. I have made quite a good recovery, but now have to walk outdoors with a stick. I can, however, cook, bake, peg washing out and change a bed. A long way from the initial total left side paralysis. Fortunately, my speech, memory and ability to swallow were unaffected.

Welcome to our forum. You are among friends.

Thank you John, Yes I do feel like I am among friends on here so thank you.  I am getting back to my 'normal' life now which is good for me.  I hated being unable to drive at first but now that I can drive again it feels better.  Yes you are right about it making me feel 'vulnerable' but going out and meeting folk again is great. 


Dear Joan

Only another stroke survivor can really grasp what you are going through. So this forum, and your local stroke group are very precious aids to your progress.

My appetite increased the instant that I awoke from stroke. The point is, that appetite is affected along with many other things. Thats great that your weight is about OK for you. And you can walk the dogs. That is very fast progress.

Your posting is very helpful to the rest of us. You seem to be making the very best of recovery yyet you are also saying you want "too much". Many of us have the same, we want more and we want fast, so its lovely to read your slant on things.

Bless you


Thank you Colin, had a positive day today!  Whilst walking the dogs I met a neighbour and we got chatting, she is actually a local GP although not mine, she told me her father had a stroke when he was in his 50s and went on until his mid 80s.  I know he died just a couple of years ago in a tragic accident so it was encouraging to hear that it wasn't stroke and gave me something positive to hang on to.  Just a small point but important to me.

Seconding all that about your brain. Give it the time it needs. I pushed too hard, finally learned to take it one small step at a time.

This helped a lot to get my perspective, something recommended by another person on this site. Worth a read at the least.

Good luck on the recovery journey Laranax!

A Letter From Your Brain https://waiting.com/letter.html


Thank you for your comment and the 'letter from the brain' it helps!

Thats a nice positive thought. Yes you are likely to have many years of some decent quality. You will have to accept the "new laramax" and I confess that accepting new me does not sit easily. 

You, me and all the other SS on here, we have all survived when many do not. So we have been chosen to live. Has to be a purpose to our being chosen to live. So if we find that purpose we should have many good years.

But thats all months down the line. Do you know just how excellent you are ? You are out walking AND chatting at just eight weeks or so. Thats good progress at eight months ! 

Cricket day today. Will that bring my SF to a head ! Should be nice a quiet.

Stay positive. Lots of smiles.