Effects of small acute right occipital cortical infarct

Hi I was diagnosed with a small acute right occipital cortical infarct 3 weeks ago after an accident.I just want to find anyone who has suffered this and know the effects of it i.e memory loss/forgetfulness/tiredness/blurred vision/dizziness 

I can't remember what I was told

Dear Naill

No two strokes are the same, we are all different. Its mathematically impossible for two strokes to be identical. We do however share many of the same difficulties.

If you have an infarct, then a bit of your brain has been killed. We may have one or many of the things you mentioned. It will take time for you to settle and for you to identify what areas you suffer. Memory can be hopeless or just a little difficulty and anything in between. Tiredness is very common. Your brain is busy finding ways to work around the dead patch. So it will close you down for a while. Your brain needs water so make sure you drink extra liquids.

I like to look at what I can do and what I can remember rather than things that I cant do.


Thank you so much for your reply I'm just at a loss with everything at the moment. Your comments have really helped.


Welcome to My Stroke Guide!

As Colin has said above, no two strokes are the same so all effects will be different for each stroke survivor. However, you will find stroke survivor's on here who are experiencing similar effects as you are and will be able to talk about how they manage these.

You could also contact the stroke helpline for further support - their contact details are 0303 3033 100 or email helpline@stroke.org.uk

Take care


Dear Naill

It is a most difficult and bewildering time. You will no doubt be overwhelmed  by many things. Do try to relax and please be assured that things do improve. It can be very slow but improvement does follow.

Anything you are concerned about, do ask me and I willgive you my experiences. No doubt other contributors will ride on to the scene. 

The stroke association leaflets are well worth having. Better still, they might give you a stroke co ordinator. I never got that, but its a great idea.

I benefitted from keeping a diary with just a comment or two each day. I am now so glad I can look back to see how my recovery has proceeded.

I also was pleased to have the formal written diagnosis to hand. The hospital sends a letter to your GP and it gives the diagnosis etc. You should have a copy of this letter. If not, then ask your GP surgery and they should provide a copy.

You are approaching one month. I think. That is generally a good milestone as the immediate danger of a further stroke has passed. You should by now be given medication to lessen the chances of a future stroke. Hopefully you have been "signed off" as medically fit. That will indicate that the damage has stopped and recovery can proceed. Maybe your accident impinges on this, I hope not.

Lovely spring day today


Thank you so much I have just felt so down about everything an yes I have clopidogrel.The diary is a good idea thank you so much.

Stroke is usually accompanied by waves of depression. If you can bat the waves away  it will save a lot of time. If not then GP will (well should) offer you counselling and medication.

Smiling will help to fight against depression. Fake, forced or false smiles will do. Relaxation or meditation are also a grand idea. I go to monthly relaxation classes and it helps. Or hypnotherapy. If we were fully fit then strong exercise will fight depression, but as we are not fit then the depression can easily get hold of us. Fight it if you can. 


Hi again

You may find the new features - Goals, Calendar and Journal on the homepage useful in tracking your progress throughout your recovery and managing your time. You will see by creating and managing your goals you are further with your recovery than you think - just set yourself small, achievable goals to start with and then work towards bigger goals.

Take care


Thank you it's all just been so confusing and frustrating. It helps to know that there is advice and help out there.



Thank you!! When I was in hospital I obviously had the accident injuries as well. At the time they were saying about incontinence,sight and different things I thought I was probably ok!! As I got home it was then I began to realise that things had definitely changed i.e waterworks,memory, tiredness,eyesight, confusion,anxiety, sometimes hard to swallow an hiccups frequently. I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes doing stupid things because I'm not thinking e.g I used detol instead of mouthwash an it took a while for it to register luckily I didn't swallow it. On and off I feel like I have fever symptoms not like hot flushes because suddenly I go so very cold. Also my head hurts and occasionally when I stand up it's pounding and I get pain in my arms or feel dizzy and my appetite is weird at night I'm not hungry an feel sick sometimes!! An just having no energy at all. Is this normal to have suddenly realised all this when I came home or am I going mad? My stroke was a small accute right occipital cortical infarct I just want to know if these things are normal for this. I'm sorry for rattling on but I just feel so strange some days.                             Many Thanks               Gill