Lorraine here again wondering if my daytime sleepiness is being caused by my insomnia or still this awful post stroke fatigue as even if I manage to get a few hours sleep ( and that's only 3 or 4 at the most ) I still feel so sleepy next day . I know I've spoke about this before but really hampering any recovery . I feel for everyone out there suffering the same thing . Hoping to here a few positive stories that it won't last forever. 

Lorraine, when I came out of hospital my sleep was wretched. I tended to wake every hour. I think, subconsciously, I was frightened of dying in my sleep. That eased over time. My fatigue also eased, but I still have to nap every day at noon. I now get a good night's sleep, usually seven hours. Talk to your doctor if your night's sleep contunes to be poor.

Thanks John yes did take sleeping tablets for a while but either made me feel worse next day and then didn't work at all. Will just have to hope will improve with time am 8 months on at the moment . Glad to here at least your sleep and fatigue have improved.

Sorry to hear about your lack of sleep, no positive stories unfortunately in the same boat as your 7/8 months pre stroke and have struggled to sleep since, many visits to the doctors trying new things with no luck, also get intense headaches and during the evening my left leg really hurts, hope you find some resolution to the sleep and would be nice to hear your improvements 

Sorry to here about your headaches at least I don't get those must be awful hope things get better for you soon.