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Hi all hope your all good. As I mentioned in my previous message I’m still having episodes of light headedness feeling a little shaky. I don’t have any other symptoms like face dropping or weakness in limbs etc. as mentioned in TIA’s. I’ve made an appointment to see my doctor but it’s not until mid September. Do others have these episodes and am I correct in thinking it’s fatigue related?
Take care everyone.


Hi @Seeney
I have episodes of light headedness & feeling odd, I hav’nt used the word shaky. It’s plausible yours is caused by fatigue but by no means a foregone conclusion.

I didn’t have fast symptoms in the first 36 hours, they manifested themselves later

You don’t say why you’re going to the GP is it because of your symptoms of lightheadedness etc? Obviously have to see what they say but I’m guessing it’ll be something non-committal because attribution is pretty hard without careful record keeping, and even then maybe inconclusive

I think the replies you’ve got to your original post particularly Rups suggestion to search the forum for the posts that people have previously posted around their symptoms is still very good advice. Amongst many posts there are those that talk about keeping a diary of your nutrition, hydration, medication, activity, sleep, exposure to bright lights noise people etc as well as your mood, feelings of fatigue, you’re shakiness etc. It’s possible that you can spot patterns by looking back.

a shower in the morning can lead to a snooze before lunch time and that’s easily spotted. You may find deeper cause and effect - if they are identifiable - more than a day apart for example a busy weekend can lead to fatigue in the middle of the following week.


@Seeney i often feel light headed and wobbly and I am 20 months post stroke. I have spoken to my GP about mine and am currently waiting to see ENT. I’m expecting them to say it’s stroke related but until I’ve been checked no one can say for sure.

I would definitely get it checked but you may find it is fatigue related. It is worth seeing if you can spot a pattern I.e. what did you do in the days leading to an episode that may have contributed. I keep a diary which I find helps. My fatigue can occur a few days after the busy event though.

Hope you get some answers soon.



Yes very many of us suffer these symptoms to one degree or another but this needs ruling in or out initially. Don’t dismiss it because some of us have it.

It could be side effects from medications you are on, your blood pressure may not be regulated, do you have a BP monitor to take some random readings?

It could also be low blood sugar; I suggest you phone your surgery and try for an emergency appointment. For this you need to be ready to phone at 8am for a chance to get in that day and stress to receptionist that this is urgent and why.

One of the first things your GP should do is order full blood tests and they will take another week to come through. So the sooner you get in to see your gp the better, you are an “at risk” patient!

It could just be something as simple as you are low in an essential nutrient, it was folic acid for me.

I’m also type 2 diabetic and I can get those symptoms if it’s been too long since I last ate anything, that’s low bs for me, but it’s similar symptoms for high. So have your doc check for diabetes too as diabetes is another risk factor for TIA’s strokes, you are at risk.


Hi Ann. I also have a constant ringing in my ears and a pressure/fulness which can be temporarily relieved by wiggling my fingers in my ears. I’m trying to get to doctor to see if he can give me something to help that.


@Seeney i too have the ringing in my ears. It came on when i had my stroke & is still there - tinnitus. I use an app on my phone to help manage the tinnitus. I never get a break from it but over time i am learning to live with it. When i am dizzy & fatigued it is worse.

The pressure feeling i had in the early days too. I always felt like my head was going to explode. It did ease in time but i still get episodes of it.

It’s great this stroke malarkey isn’t it.

Definitely see your GP they may be able to help.

Best wishes



Yeh it’s a pain, tinnitus note changes as I move my head. what app do you use, does it work?

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The app I use is GN Resound. You can pick the sound you want to listen to. I like the beach ones. Yes, I think it helps. My tinnitus is high pitched ringing in both ears along with a sound like a badly tuned radio. At one point I also had a whooshing sound in my right ear but thankfully that has gone now.

Hope you find a way to calm yours.


The lightheaded part for me is after being busy especially with physical activity. I’ve had check ups etc. and been to my stroke nurse.
My stroke was 8/9 months ago and she told me it’s still early days. She did tell me to take regular BP readings.
Sometimes we forget to take it easy and consequently feel the effects.
I find, like Simon, mine is mid week.
A check up is good, to at least put your mind at rest, if you’ve not had one for a while.
Keeping a record is always good. GPs always ask, “how often do you have these symptoms…?”
Stay safe. :+1: