Eating out

Managed to hobble into one of our local pub /restaurant’s this lunch for a meal with the family and an old friend, was apprehensive as my numb mouth made good loss a highly probable outcome, but luckily I carried out all eatin activities without incident so was glad to make it into the car and air-conditioning.feel so much better for having made the effort ansren a dear friend after nearly 4 years mainly COVID and two house mobs and my stroke


@mrfrederickson well done on going out to eat. I bet it was great to see your friend & a 54sult for you not throwing your food everywhere :grin::grin:

Yes it was both joyous and sad as it made me remember my former self and wanted to keep my friend from seeing how much I had changed the food went in my mouth with minimal spillage and the pineapple juice drink was devine.planning our next outing so can’t be that bad

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Well done. You’re really on a roll. Sometimes we have to make ourselves do things, especially post Covid. On Tuesday my partner and I are going on an express coach trip to Devon just to lunch with two old friends down there. I will find it very tiring but unless we do these things we’ll just sit at home and with. Round of applause for youMr F!

I’m so pleased you pushed through, especially in the heat, and enjoyed yourself.

Glad you got to go out with kind regards t

Thanks it was a break from the cold pain of my left arm not improved not normalised in all the time since the stroke itself, ever hopeful.

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mffrederickson – It makes me happy inside to hear of your escapade. We all need to be braver and grab all we can out of this life. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Jeanne

Totally agree and on the aniverary o Elvis Presley’s passing it makes it even more clear.x