Easing the numbness

Hi everyone, I feel reading some of the responses on this forum that I have been one of the lucky ones. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 53 years and last November I had my first 'real' stroke that has left me feeling numb down the whole of my right side. I do however have full mobility but the feeling of numbness is so frustrating. I have been signed off by the Stroke clinic, Physio and Occupational health and no longer need the aids that I sed at first like the bath seat and walking stick. The numbness feeling is driving me nuts though and it is so frustrating. 

I have asked the GP if there is anything I can tke, but apparently there isn't.

I would appreciate any hints and tips that you have.

Steve aged 61.

Do keep wiggling the digits and moving your limbs. Your brain is learning how to communicate and you need to tell it about your numb side. Your brain needs extra water at your stage. And it cant tell you it wants the water because the brain doesnt feel pain.

Do keep positive. Its the positive ones that get the best recovery.

And please smile many times each day. False fake or forced will do. 

Best wishes


Hi Steve. I'm currently under the neurologist and physio for numbness in my right leg. My stroke 18 months ago affected my left side, left leg and arm so they are going to do an MRI head scan to see if I have suffered a second mini stroke in my sleep on the opposite side to account for the numbness in my right leg.  I know how debilitating it is so you have my sympathy.  I cannot sit down for more than 20 mins before my leg  goes numb. I also have full mobility in it but it is constant tingling, pins and needles and sometimes I can't feel my foot on the floor and I end up dragging my feet when I'm walking.  The way I cope is to avoid sitting as much as possible. I check chairs when I am out and look for comfortable ones and not the plastic or wood ones which make the numbness worse.  I find hot baths ease it and cold flannels also prior to going to bed.  Hot water bottles and ice make it worse.  Squats help as they work the blood flow to the legs and leg stretches too.  

I'm intrigued that your GP said there isn't any medication.  I'm not diabetic but my GP tried me on gabapentin which helped a little bit. He offered to up the dose but I would rather get to the root of the cause than mask it with medication. There is also another drug called dopemine which helps with numbness but apparently this makes all your muscles relax so I didn't fancy that one. As I drive everyday and love driving,I didn't want anything that would hinder that.  It is also worth asking your GP for a nerve conduction study if you haven't had one. It is painful having it done but it rules out nerve damage and trapped nerves so they can look for other causes.  Hope that helps but stay strong. This numbness I have is actually worse than my stroke recovery was and the fact that a lot of medics give you that 'look' - the 'it's all in their head' look but if they had to put up with it everyday they'd know!

Thank you for your responce, very helpful. :)

Thanks Colin, much appreciated. My glass is always half full, never half empty :)