Early Posts!

Sorry about my early morning posts everyone, but I’m still not managing a full nights sleep, so here I am writing away until dawn! I’m just starting to feel sleepy again  now, I’ll give bed another try! Hopefully I’ll sleep a bit more?


Good morning! Brugge, 

I hate predicted text your name was nearly very rude sorry! ????

I have the same problem with sleep.  But I find a pillow spray and shower gel helps.  I was told about the pillow spray by Onwardsandupwards.  Expensive but very helpful.  This Works Deep Sleep. 

Sorry to hear about your heart issue.  But I'm sure you cope with it in your unique way.  Gaining knowledge and an understanding then forge ahead. 

Night ! Night! ???

Kind Regards 


Hi Kay,

Thanks for your reply to my early morning post. I’ll try using some of that spray(sounds interesting).By the way,I see what you mean about my nickname, I’ve only just worked it out......lol.

Brugge(with the ‘r’ in the right place!).