DWP Age discrimination

My wife had a stroke the day she received her first pension and as such cannot access the Motability scheme as the DWP deem her not to require help with her mobility. If she had had the stroke a month earlier she would have been able to have this invaluable help. Please consider signing this petition to see if we can get the DWP to change its mind Petition · Attendance Allowance v PIP · Change.org


Here I go ranting again.
As an old man who had a stroke, before which I was driving, I would gain much if I had access to the motability scheme.
Mobility, it seems, is not enouraged or available for the retired.
Maybe the directive is to sit still and die?

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Hi, so sorry to hear of your wife’s stroke and that you find yourselves in this situation. That’s a disgrace and I am more than happy to sign your petition. You should be eligible to join the Motobility Scheme regardless of age.

Regards Sue

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@Grazza signed for you. Hadn’t realised there was an age restriction to mobility but that sounds crazy. Hope you’re successful.

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