DVLA sight test

I have my test at Specsavers tomorrow. Am I right in thinking that it is the one where you sit in an enclosed booth and you press a button when you see a flashing light ? Think I’d better get an early night in, I’m really not looking forward to it.


@clibbers1 good luck for your sight test. When I had mine I had a proper sight test & then the field vision test - where you press a button each time you see a flashing light. I wasn’t sat in a booth but was in a room with my chin resting on the machine & had to look at a light directly in front of me then press when i saw lights.

I was allowed to do the test 3 times & i think they used the best one. I was also allowed to pause part way through.

I did mine in the early days after my stroke & I was really worried about it & still feeling quite out of it. Despite this i met the required standard.

Try not to worry & best of luck. They didn’t give me the results i had to wait to hear from DVLA.


Thank you, I have a pair of shiny new glasses, hoping they will help :grinning:


I did mine 3 times as well and was convinced I had failed especially as my husband who was sitting behind me said I had missed some lights! I found it quite tiring as you really need to concentrate.
No if you ask Specsavers how you got on they won’t tell you. Just have to wait for the post!


Good luck hope it goes well for you x


I passed! Specsavers were quite happy to tell me straightaway. It took 2 attempts, as I was so focussed on the peripheral lights, that I missed a few right in front of my nose the first time. The second time I only missed one. Off to take some remedial driving lessons now, amazing how you can lose your confidence in such a short period of time.


That’s fantastic news. Really pleased for you. xx

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:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: Yaaay :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Congratulations :smile: Good Luck in your drive to freedom :partying_face: :shamrock:


That’s good news :slight_smile:

I guess we’re losing confidence as a possibly artefact of our neurological events

That’s great news well done x

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