DVLA problems

Hello, my husband had a stroke over a year ago and the dvla revoked his licence after a failed visual field test shortly after the stroke (his GP told him they couldn’t make the decision about driving due to the loss of left peripheral vision) - so to contact DVLA for advice. He has fully recovered from the stroke although his left peripheral has never returned or got worse, it has improved from what we understood of the most recent test, his consultant at the hospital confirmed he is fit and healthy and fully recovered in a critical exemption form provided by the DVLA. He sent this off after a year, along with a DVLA visual field test (told to do this by the hospital to back up the critical exemption form) that he paid for himself and re applied for his licence. It’s taken the DVLA 5 weeks to reply to all of this paperwork telling him to go for a DVLA field vision test, it makes no sense as they actually replied to the spec savers results saying to go for an eye test! He called then 3 days ago and was told someone would call him back as they can see all of his paperwork. He’s booked in for another eye test but is incredibly anxious and upset about this. Does anyone know if he can request the DVLA send him for a driving assessment or give advice on what we can do next? He can fully see just not completely on his left side. I think the dvla are a disgrace in the way they treat people, their service is shocking.


@Mrsbrightside welcome to the forum. Sorry your husband has had a stroke.

Sorry you’re having so much trouble with the DVLA. I found them to be a nightmare.

It sounds like they’ve muddled up what they’re requesting. I would attend the eye test & wait for the DVLA to get back to you. At least it’s done then. You could ask the DVLA if they’d accept a driving assessment report but you’ll need to check if they use approved centres.

It’s a slow process with the DVLA I’m afraid & you have to wait it out. I had to wait months.

I guess they need to be sure that people are not a danger on the road.

Try not to stress it’ll be sorted.

Best wishes

Ann xx

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Thanks Ann, it’s just been awful, the whole treatment from his GP right through to the DVLA, totally dismissed, ignored and no help at all, feel so helpless! I think you could be right about the DVLA getting mixed up with forms, just can’t believe it’s taken nearly 5 weeks to get a wrong reply via post. They also rejected his forms prior to this because he hadn’t ticked a box to confirm if he meets the British driving standard for eye sight when that was the whole point in sending the eye test results, very upsetting and frustrating. Xx

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I had many tears trying to deal with the DVLA. There was no empathy from them at all & I found their letters quite threatening. I guess having just had a stroke I found it that muchore difficult anyway.

I really hope they get things sorted for you soon.

They do have a webchat facility if that wpuld make it easier for you to contact them.


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Yes they treat you like a criminal, my other half complained to them about the threatening letter they sent him too.
Thanks, he has tried the web chat and they refused to speak about it as it’s medical, very old fashioned the way the work.
I hope you recovering ok from your stroke and will be back to driving soon too, get some independence xxx


Hello what a palaver this officialdum I’m just thinking what about your local RDAC there an independent organisation?
Give them a call :blush::+1:

Hi my hubby had to go for a DVLA field vision test to specsavers but there are only certain branches that do the DVLA checks I think its called the Estermans test Visual disorders: assessing fitness to drive - GOV.UK my hubby went to one in Pudsey Leeds I hope this helps .

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