DVLA- nightmare?

Latest update on my ongoing fight with the DVLA to sort out my licence. Received a letter today advising that I am required to do a driving assessment but due to Covid-19 the assessment centers are not open. In with the letter was an application for a provisional with restrictions - I will not be able to drive with anyone except a driving instructor - bang goes the idea of my husband taking me out. Once ready to take the assessment I will have to travel to Edinburgh! At least 5+ hours from our home as that is the only assessment centre in Scotland! So fed up with this.

Good morning Katy! 

I can understand the frustration and feeling fed up with the whole thing. I will say never give up but it is really up to you and what you really want. The only thing I will say is if you would like to carry on make sure to find out for how long that provisional license will be good for. In my case it was only good for 3 months and then I had to take the 2nd part of my assessment. Yup, I was only allowed to take driving "lessons" with an approved instructor. In a way it was better because while I was retraining myself I was doing it in a car with dual control, so I didn't have to worry about road safety.

If it will just be good for 3 months I suggest you apply for the license when the assessment centres are operational already again so as soon as you have the lessons and you feel confident about your driving then you can go for that assessment. 

Having your license back is worth every bit of frustration but it is really up to what you want and the practicalities of what you need to do. So take time to really decide what you want, what is really important for you. Then move on from there.

Wishing you the best. 


Hi Katy, you've had so many hoops to jump through it's unreal. I don't drive now, haven't for a number of years, and I don't think I couldn't concentrate enough now since the stroke. I would say to you don't give up or give in, if you can have a few refresher lessons with an instructor before your assessment just to give you that bit of extra confidence. Don't loose you independence.

Good luck, jump through their hoops and show them you can do it.


What a nightmare they are putting you through. I was lucky and only forced to cease driving for the mandatory 4 weeks post stroke. I was offered a free course with a professional driving instructor but, similar to you, it would have been in Leeds - 10 miles away from home. This meant travelling to the other side of Leeds (no direct bus) during the week when my husband couldn't take me and I had to have someone from the Dept of Health sat in the back too.  I turned it down. Just the hassle of getting there and driving a car which I had no idea what it would be prior to getting in and having someone watching my every move in the back - no thanks.  I do feel for you as I would be lost without my car and independence is so important to us survivors. You've come so far with this, only you can decide whether to see it through to the bitter end. For me personally, I would stick with it. It could be something you'll regret later if you back out now.

Thanks Ruby

Thanks Ann, I was just feeling really down about the whole fiasco.

Thanks, I will push on with it, it just makes me so angry that I've lost my job due to the DVLA taking so long to sort this out and now we're going to have to pay for refresher driving lessons , petrol to and from Edinburgh and an over night stay as way to far to go to and from in one day we're up in the north east between Aberdeen and Inverness so a good 4 1/2 to 5 hours away. Having read the responses to my post I agree that my independence is too important not to keep going x

I've just passed my assessment, but can't get a car through my pip, they didn't allow me motabililty so you can jump through all the hoops pardenthe pun (jumping after a stroke is not advisable!!)all I can advise check your paper work!!

Well done on passing the assessment. That's such a shame you can't get a car through your pip, is there anything you can do? Good luck

The mobility element of PIP is awarded if you are unable or virtually unable to walk. If you feel you meet the criteria you can appeal, I think you have to lodge the appeal within 30 days of the decision.



I've had to reapply and get references about my stroke bit of a nightmare!hopefully won't take long to get sorted! Have you had any lessons yet?

Fingers crossed you'll get it sorted quickly. I've not had any lessons yet as waiting for my provisional to arrive and as you might be aware the DVLA aren't exactly quick to respond to anything but hoping it arrives this week so I can finally move forward.


Sorry think I've got my wires crossed , have you got a driving license already?

Hi, yes I had a driving licence for nearly 30 years ,when I had my subarachnoid hemorrhage the DVLA said that I couldn't drive for 6 months but I could apply for my licence before the 6 months was up so I did that last Nov and now after 2 eye tests requested by the DVLA they have now decided that I have to do a driving assessment -total nightmare!


Hi Katy,

I know it is very frustrating. I have been there. I think the DVLA staff were relieved when I finally got my license back. I was finally off their backs. 

For them to ask you to have a driving assessment after two vision tests I actually find positive. They could have written to you and straight away said you cannot drive because your vision tests showed clearly that you will be an unsafe driver. They haven't so there is hope. (I was dreading to get that letter from DVLA telling me I failed my vision test and that was it. I actually felt elated, like an early Christmas present when I received the letter telling me I should book a driving assessment session.)

It was the time I just joined this group and reading posts (sorry I can't remember who posted them) I found very helpful, motivational and inspiring. I remember reading the post which said the assessors are not there to take you off the road, unless you will be an unsafe driver. They are there to help you stay on the road as a good driver and confident driver. 

Wishing you the best,

Ruby ☺

Nightmare! I had t, went for an assessment after 4months and failed, but Mrs was really against it which was nice for the support, had a few lessons and passed three weeks ago but still can't get a car through my benefits, I've got to reapply and need references from my physio's which seems no one wants to do trying to get hold of anyone to help has been a nightmare just another month of my life I'm not going to get back.but hopefully we'll both get there!