Duvet Days

I am nearly 10 weeks from having my stroke. My recovery is going well. Can do most things I could do before -  more slowly and not necessarily at the same level. Not driving yet.

I am fatigued and emotional!

I have had a couple of days recently that I really don't want do anything - just stay in bed! 

Then I start to feel guilty that I not doing anything.

Does anybody else get this and do they just give in and have a duvet day?











All the time! Seven months recovery, cerebellar stroke.

Jane, I think this is quite common in the early days of recovery. However, doing too little can be as bad as overdoing things. I am five years post stroke and have learned to live with the fact that, in reality, I am partly disabled. I wake some mornings feeling quite low, but I make myself get up and try to be as positive as I can. Today I have been taken to the dentists, had a filling, been taken to the farm shop and then had my nap. I have just made a cake and that will be it for today. Next week my exercise classes start again and that will give me the incentive I need to carry on improving. I wish you happier days ahead rather than duvet days.

I think you're right. Forced myself to get out of the house and go for a walk. It has definitely lifted my mood.


Yes I quite often just want to lay in bed or not get dressed. Hope you feel better soon