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I’m 9yrs ago, & yours is very much like mine, especially the bright lights & loud noises.
But I never associated them with a stroke. :sunglasses::hear_no_evil::ear::eyes::brain:Thanks :blush:


I have terrible trouble with loud noises which started when I had my stroke. It drives me daft some days & i’m sure feeds into my fatigue.

I bought loop earplugs to help me manage it a bit.


Try finding someone you know with ‘noise-cancelling’ headphones. Don’t buy before you try as they’re pretty expensive for a set that work as they should.
My friend went through a similar problem for a while (it kind of wore off over time) and invested in a pair, which seem to do the trick.
Good luck,


Yes, I have problems with bright lights and some loud noises. What really gets me is emergency vehicles with lights and sirens on going past me when I am out.
I find it difficult to watch TV programmes with bright flashing lights.


Hey @sunnyday

I get that re the sirens with right hemianopia but it’s not so bad for me as I live 400m from a police car london depot so I hear sirens virtually every time I go into the kitchen!!!

TV programmes with flashing lights though arghhhhhhhhhhh

Was so enjoying poltergeist until I actually had to turn it off not just not look at the lights… :roll_eyes: :disappointed_relieved:

Plus my phone ringing can give me a shock :rofl: :rofl: :person_shrugging:

K :polar_bear: :wink:


I actually bought a pair of AirPod Pro ear pieces that have noise cancellation. They were expensive but worth the money for me. The noise cancellation is great and I can play soft instrumental music if I choose which is helpful as well. Visually, my wife drives most of the time but when it is nighttime, I pull the visor down to avoid the light from tail lights and head lights. I will sometimes wear sunglasses as well. These have all been very helpful in managing the issue with lights and noise.