Hi my name is Debi I had a stroke 5 weeks ago. Ever since I have had a dry feeling in my mouth whiich means food is not enjoyable I wondered if anyone else has experienced this and if it goes away on it’s ow over time

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Hello @Debih, yes I had dry mouth, but I suspect it may have been a side-effect of one of the medications I was taking as this is a very common side effect. It was good in one respect as it kept me taking fluids all through-out the day but the resulting frequent need to go to the bathroom at night was infuriating. The dry mouth went away after about a month, from memory.

Thanks so much rups iam so confused with what has been caused by the stroke and what is medication feeling very overwhelmed with it all at the moment as very new for me

Hi Debih, just keep coming back on here and posting any worries/concerns you have. Someone on here will be able to help I’m sure of it. It’s still very alien for you at the moment and can be frightening, but everyone on here has had some form of stroke and can relate to what you’re feeling, so don’t stop accessing the site, it’s what keeps us all united and strong! Take care, Bert

Hello @Debih, five weeks is terribly early on. Hopefully, the support of this community, and the forum will help you along the way. I have found it invaluable, despite stroke being so common, and occurring every five minutes in the UK, it can still be incredibly isolating, and lonely. I have found that trying to be brave, rather than strong, is helpful. Not all of us can be strong, but we can all be brave. At five weeks it will be difficult to distinguish things, but with a little observation, you will get to know what’s what. The stroke is over now, the brain will cause all sorts of unusual sensations and mental oddities as it goes into repair mode. It has to sort out well-ordered communication pathways with the CNS and vestibular system, this will take time. Keep a check on anxiety, follow-up with things like mindfulness, CBT, &c. Essentially, whatever works for you during this difficult patch. Keep in touch, and thanks for posting.

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Hi @mahoney I find I cry whenever I talk about the event so that is helpful to know thankyou

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Hi New Kid on block. Yes my appetite changed , taste & dry mouth at times. So always a glass of water at bed time which I never needed before. Was told its. normal as you get older to suffer from dry mouth. Always enjoyed the rich variety of food at that time of year but now can give most things a miss & not regret it. Hope you’ve coped with your first Christmas, . Just experienced my second since leaving hospital & realised the improvements I’ve made. Good luck on your journey

Dear Debih

Emotionality is one of the common effects of a stroke. It will ease. It took me two years to get over the worst of the crying. And even now, six years on, I still can’t cope with a funeral.

This crying was very hard for a male to handle. At least it eased.

Take things slowly


Yes, know this feeling well. I remember the first time I had a panic attack, about twenty odd years ago, I had no clue what was going on, so called the ambulance. The paramedics checked me out, I was absolutely fine. Conceivably, if the mind can produce those kind of symptoms from fear memories, then it can reverse and control them. But I’ve been told it doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes practice and time. I take half a Lorazepam if panics are really severe or going to inconvenience my day, but mostly I have been working on mindfulness and now biofeedback. Aromatherapy helps too, especially a curiously pleasant scent that can be sprayed on the person.

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