Dry cough with Clopidogrel

Morning everyone.

This is my second go at taking Clopidogrel and for those who are long residents of this site, you all know that I didn't get on with it at all and had to come off it after my first stroke 3 years ago.

However, since my 2nd stroke, a TIA,  I was given Clopidogrel again by the Stroke Consultant who told me that if I didn't take it this time, I would continue to have further TIA's as the aspirin wasn't enough for the amount of 'lesions' my brain has

.  I have been on it now for a month and I have been fine on it so far except for an annoying dry cough every now and then. It's not a proper cough as such.  I had the same cough when I started on BP tablets which wore off after a few weeks.  The side effects mentioned on the label inside say it can cause a dry cough and/or a sore throat sometimes. I wondered if anyone on here who takes it has had similar and, if so, how long did it take to wear off?  

My other good news is that I got a letter from the hospital to say the results of my 48hr heart monitor test showed no areas for concern so I'm really pleased about that. 

Slightly 'off topic' but I am also in the process of changing Doctors. I am sick and tired of my GP's lack of interest since my strokes, the inefficiency of the reception staff not passing messages on etc, forgetting to issue medication and the whole system of getting through on the phone for booking appointments which is not fit for purpose!  I have registered with a different practice and I'm going for a full health check with the Practice Nurse there on Tuesday  - never been offered one of those before!!

Hi, After my second mild stroke, I was put in Clopidogrel and have had no side effects. Hope your cough goes soon. I also had a heart monitor for 72 hours with the same outcome as you.

coincidentally, I also changed doctors. I had belonged to my first practice for over thirty years, but they merged with another practice and built a brand new medical centre. Straight away, it got more chaotic and  very inefficient re medications. I switched to a local practice, which I love. It is efficient, very aware of my medical needs. I also saw the practice nurse after signing up, so I guess this might be standard practice. My practice even gave me my flu jab outside rather than make me hobble through on my stick.

Dear Brenda


I just wanted to say congratulations on your good results, brilliant news.

Oh, about GPs, I think I might follow your advice and change mine: I can't even get through reception now, it is worser than in March. I am not normally ill, but I wanted some vitamin d, because I am feeling quite tired and wanted them to check my levels.

I was put on Clopidogrel after my stroke last November and managed to tolerate after a few weeks but being honest it could have been one of the other raft of medication I was given. Going from never taking anything to 5 different medications might have been the issue at the time. I have had to go onto edoxaban now though due to AF and stop the clopidogrel and after a week I felt awful and 2 months later still do.

I am with you on the GP front. The one I saw at previous practice was mediocre to say the least and went off in May to be replaced temporarily by a younger GP who was brilliant. Unfortunatly she left when my usual GP returned to work in October and things went back to 'normal' so I moved to another practice. Early days yet but each time I have spoken to them its a different GP but they do get things done so hopefully a good move.

Hope all goes well with your move and sometimes the saying a 'change is as good as a rest' springs to mind.

Hi there,

Sorry you're having trouble with Clopidogrel again and hope the cough soon clears up. Perhaps when you've changed your GP, you could mention it to them, since there may be an alternative you could take. If not,I think I personally would rather put up with the cough than risk another T IA. I'm pleased the results of your heart monitor were good. Speaking of that, when in hospital I had a heart monitor for 36 hours which was normal. I was then supposed to have a 3 day one but it never happened. I was discharged and was told I'd have to have it as an out-patient. I was still waiting in September when I had a telephone consultation with my stroke physician. He asked whether I'd received an appointment yet and said he would request a 6-day monitor for me but I'm still waiting! 

Hope all goes well with you new GP.

Best wishes,

Anne S. xxx

Thanks everyone. I will mention the cough to the Stroke Nurse during my telephone 6 week check up tomorrow.  I'm hoping it will disappear and like you say, far better to have a little tickly cough now and then than another stroke, for sure.

I have just had a text from my new GP surgery to say they have noticed I am due for a pneumonia jab and want to arrange that.  I've never been offered that from the old surgery so will sort that out too when I go which is also tomorrow (busy day!) lunchtime for my full health check.

Agree absolutely. I was given a bag full of 4 lots when I left hospital and I was in and out of A & E like a yo-yo with side effects. Dealing with the stroke is hard enough but it takes a long time to sort out which medications you get on with too as the only way is to eliminate them one by one till you find the culprit. Hope you feel better soon.

Me too - I have been with them since I got married 37yrs ago. I have had the same GP for almost 20yrs. He used to be so helpful and eager to sort things out. I think he's taken on far too many patients and they only have 3 Doctors. The nursing staff are good but the front of house is appalling. So many bad reviews on Google about the receptionists and the awful new phone system. Glad you like the new one.

So I've had a busy day healthwise.  Stroke Nurse on the phone for my 6 week consultation.  He was very helpful and explained that although I had two small clots and a tiny bleed, the two clots were old ones that had happened in between my MRI scan of 2 years ago and the last one done last month. He says the symptoms I had from the TIA was due to a tiny bleed which was caused by high cholestrol.  The clots were 'insignificant' and I probably had them without knowing anything about it. He was suprised when I asked for a copy of the Consultants letter to my GP. I should have had it last month but I never received a copy from them.  Doesn't suprise me in the least.

My cholestrol level was 6.8 but I have been on Rosuvastatin since just before my second stroke and the brilliant news from my health check today with the new surgery is that it has gone down to 4.6 in 7 weeks and my good cholestrol is also excellent. She got the results from the hospital files as my previous GP hadn't let me know the results.

My health check was great too. Lovely nurse, she has taken all bloods, weighed and measured me, BP fine, and when I mentioned I'd had a text to say I was due a pnemonia jab, she did it there and then. It's one that lasts a lifetime so I'm glad I had it. She is also sorting out my medication so it all runs out at the same time rather than different times so I only have to do one trip to Boots instead of 4.  It was such a nice change to feel cared for again so I'm glad I made the change. They only have 2000 patients as opposed to 10,000 at my other.  Really happy today!yes

That's a lot to take on board Brenda, a busy day indeed!  A positive day too, so pleased that you've got a good new GP practice ?.

Take good care xx