Drop Foot

Was wondering if anyone still feels a numbness in their affected leg. I had a stroke over 2 yrs ago now, and still feel a numbness in my leg.

Question, is their any exercise i could possibly do to help with the numbness.?

Hi Mike, I have the same problem 2 yrs. on and got some exercises from physiotoolsonline.com recommended by Dorset healthcare, they seem to work as long as you persevere. Keep smiling for now, all the best. Jerry.

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I had my stroke 7 yrs ago down my left side, to add to it i fell on the stroke side, broke my hip dislocated my shoulder, To day i still have limited use down my left side also still cannot use my shoulder also have a dropped foot which i wear a splint to try and keep it up. My numbness is round my ankle but keep trying to move it. If you manage to get any exercise let me know i would be interested. I have been given a leaflet with various exercise to do. Would attach it if i knew how in case it might help you, it was given to me by a phyio


Hi Brenda,
Thanks for reply. My numbness is from my left buttock, to my foot. Had some exercises from physio when I came out of hospital. After my 6 weeks with physio, kept up the exercises given, but still feels numb.

I guess I’ll have to live with it.

Thank you for your reply. My left leg from the knee down is floppy and my left hand although i can move it always feels stiff plus my left foot is slightly swollen. I have been told it is a circulation problem and to put my leg up on something when i sit but it makes me feel off balance,

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Hi mikeyids-- When I was in the hospital, they used electrostimulation on my affected leg and hand. It was supposed to “wake things up”. I was totally paralyzed on my left side. I think it helped, along with all the other physical and occupational therapy. I can now walk and use my arm and hand and do not have any numbness. I have read that people have made progress even after many years with certain therapies, so don’t be discouraged. My best to you. Jeanne

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I’ve had 3 tia sine 2019 resulting in drop foot I now wear calipers which helps as my knee sometimes give way at the moment I’m unable to drive as I’m having spasm in leg also I’m getting stabbing on the outside of the knee don’t know if is the nerve or muscle waiting to see the neurologist

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i had a massive stroke 12 years ago and i still have drop foot and also drop shoulder which is very painful. and still have pins and needles in my left hand also 2 fingers i dont feel any pain in them. mind you because i also have peripheral arterial disease in my legs does not help things i just have to live with it

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Hi Gillian–As a result of my stroke in 2018 I had leg spasms on and off. The thing that helped me for the spasms was CBD Oil–about 20 mg under the tongue drops. The spasms would stop in about 30-60 minutes. Occasionally, If they didn’t stop, I would take another 20 mg. That would always stop them. The spasms eventually became less and less frequent as time went on. I rarely have them now. Your situation could be different, but I just wanted to throw it out there. I checked with my GP and cardiologist beforehand and both were ok with it. The drops are supposed to work the fastest. I liked chocolate mint the best. There are also gummies, which taste better. If you decide to try it, be sure to use a reputable company. My best to you. Jeanne

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I tried to follow the link but the page was blank

Hi Geoffrey
I was given the information via my local N.H.S. Physio. team, in printed form, you could try them. Good luck, Jerry