Just an observation really ,I drove home from my daughter’s yesterday ,she is in Scotland the drive home took 6 hours 305 miles ,it’s a journey we’ve done lots of times but yesterday on getting home I was absolutely drained ,it was a tough drive as it was Easter Monday and there was a lot of traffic on top of the torrential rain for a lot of the way ,I’ve never been so glad to pull into our driveway in one piece,I put it down to the level of concentration involved in the driving conditions,I’m feeling better this morning but it’s putting me off visiting again :pensive:


@Yellowdog firstly, i’d like to say wow. The fact that you did that drive is amazing. You should be very proud of yourself.

I’m not surprised you’re shattered. Take some time to fully rest & recover. You might feel differently about repeating it in time. Maybe plan an overnight stop part way next time?

Well done x

Wow thats an awesome drive - no wonder youre tired, today. Were you on your own? Or with someone?

I am very much looking forward to driving again (car on order through motability) although a trip like that seems a ling way off right now.

Feet up until you are fully recharged



@Yellowdog please don’t be hard on yourself. That journey drains me and I haven’t had a stroke to contend with. I have to face it alone this Autumn without my late husband. Have you considered stopping overnight part of the way and breaking up your journey? I wish you well. Marie

Hi, sorry if this is too personal but how old are you? and how long since your stroke?
The reason I ask is im hoping to drive to Cornwall ( 270 miles)later this year myself ( with my wife driving part of the journey)
I’m 48 and currently 10 months since the stroke

Cheers and all the best :+1:


Hi everyone ,just to say a bit more about my recent driving experience,I had my stroke on the 5 February 22 ,by coincidence I was at my daughter’s house in Scotland when it happened at 2.00pm on a Saturday,on the Sunday morning I drove home to Grimsby without realising I’d had a stroke it wasn’t until Monday when I went to a&e with a tingling arm and leg that it was diagnosed !!
My wife doesn’t drive so I do all the driving.
In the May we went to Weymouth on holiday 300 odd miles .In June we went back to Scotland ,in August we went to Brittany on holiday driving about 1200 miles in total ,back to Scotland again in September and then again at Xmas and then this time at Easter .
So you can tell I’ve been ok with all that driving until now ,this journey home did me in and I’m still tired from it ,I put it down to the traffic and the rain ,it’s not really far enough to warrant an overnight stop in fact we only stop once on the way usually at scotch corner.
Maybe it’s me not wanting to let the stroke get the better of me ,I also ride a Harley when the weather’s fine . Hope all this makes sense .
All the best .

Hi joey ,I dont think anything is too personal on here :wink:
I was 63 when It happened 14 months ago .
Dont worry about the distance your going just take it easy and stop when you think youve had enough ,Im known as grandad slow by the grandkids as I rarely do more than 65mph !

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Funnily enough , I was discussing driving with a workmate today. It’s natural now but there was a time after my stroke when , naturally , I was very wary about driving. Just goes to show that sometimes you don’t consciously learn stuff it just happens

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Confidence is a great catalyst to stroke recovery as is the ability to manage fatigue.

Hard work and positive outlook go hand in hand too