At last a piece of good news! Just heard from DVLA after 4 weeks that I can keep my driving licence. Pity I’ve got a broken wrist in plaster!!


What a rollercoaster foryou.

Great news long term though about getting back driving again!!!.
Hopefully your wrist heals quickly and you can get back driving as soon as possible

@Apple that’s great news. You’ll hopefully soon be out of plaster & back on the road xx

Thanks! Such a pain breaking my wrist!

Thanks. Thought I had failed as had to do the field trst 3 times!

I hope so too! Thanks

Thanks Jane. Must admit I’m pretty fed up. Wrist is painful but onwards and upwards!

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It’s a bummer about your wrist, how thoughtless :wink: :laughing: But once you do get back behind the wheel there will be no holding you back, Congratulations. :smile:

Think I will need to do the Drivability Test first before I’m behind the wheel! :weary:

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I did have to do one of them despite being out of it for a year. My hubby would take me out initially to drive around car parks and quiet street…nerve wracking though it was. I’d eventually started short ventures down to the shop for milk sort of thing and just built it gradually from there over time.

I haven’t done any driving for longer than an hour and no motorways yet…but I was never a lover of them. So the long road trips are still left up to my hubby :blush: I was supposed to one the last week, had it the route all planned out and everthing, then it was a called off due to the snow :sweat_smile:

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I haven’t driven since the end of October last year. I love driving and really want my independence back which means driving! Just so annoyed my arm is in plaster! Grrrrrrr!

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I’ve been there three times now, new hip, broken ankle, stroke, it never gets any easier to have that independence taken away. I feel your frustration :hugs:

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Oh dear. Bless you. You’ve certainly been through the mill. Yes I’m - or was - very independent. Hate having to rely on my poor husband. But I’m lucky he is sooo good to me. Onwards and upwards at least the sun is shining today!

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It was all good, I find the recovery to anything fascinating, I’m weird that way :laughing: Think I should have been a scientist, maybe I’ll be a medical scientist in my next life…when I’ve decided I’ve finished with this one first :laughing: :wink:

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EmeraldEyes. That’s a great attitude and way to look at recovery… unfortunately I’m finding recovery slow, frustrating, scary, incredibly tiring, depressing, virtually impossible or any other negative adjective you can think of! Not the right attitude I know but it’s the place I’m stuck in

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Can I just ask you, how long ago did you break your wrist.

Because what you’re feeling could just be the trauma from breaking your wrist and the pain meds your are on for that. But if this has been going on since your stroke, you could be experiencing post traumatic stress disorder and it may be worth while speaking with your doctor and get referred to a cognitive behaviour therapist for some counselling. They can do wonders to help you cope and turn yourself around.

And it wouldn’t do any harm to have your reviewed for such side effects; some medication certainly can create those sort of feelings in a person. You could check for that yourself online also.


Thanks for that EmeraldEyes

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