I will be returning to driving soon and I will need to drive a car adapted with a left foot accelerator pedal. I wondered if anyone knows how to get motor insurance quotes which allow for this as I have gone through the forms with Three different Insurance comparison sites and isn’t clear what information needs to be disclosed. It’s also unclear what answers I should give to “period I have held a licence for” because, although I have had a licence for many years, I voluntarily surrendered it Three years ago. Any suggestions on this and/or recommendations on what insurance companies to use would be appreciated.

@Terrry oh that’s a difficult one. The only advice I can give is to ring a couple of insurance companies & talk it through with them. Or you could go through an insurance broker & let them do the searching for you.
Great that you will be getting back to driving.
Sorry that’s probably not much help.

Thanks so much Loraine, i’m really looking forward to getting back to driving as it’s something I have always really enjoyed and I will be able to get out and about more. Terry


Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right, I will do that. Terry

Oh I’m so pleased for you it must feel great to be looking forward to driving again.

I’d agree with @Mrs5K and have a broker to do the hard work for you but… once you get their proposals, double check price and cover against a couple of well-known direct insurers.

Happy motoring!