Hi all

Had a stroke last March which affected left side of body. Since then have regained most of my mobility & strength in arm and leg although experience some tightness/stiffness done my left side, and tiredness when walking any distance.

Already discharged from physio care, who verbally advised that in her opinion I was physically able to drive. Also given all clear after routine check with optician. Spoke to doctor who wouldn’t comment on ability to drive stating it’s a DVLA decision. Personally, I feel confident in my ability to drive, especially as I only go short distances.

Advised DVLA of my condition, who following there normal enquiries, stated will need medical exam by my GP, but they will not arrange one at present due to COVID 19. Not helpful as this could go on for months.

My license has not been revoked and they state with regards driving now “I must be confident I meet all medical standards in relation to my fitness to drive”. Is this saying it’s OK?

Sorry this post is so long, but would appreciate any advice/guidance you are able to offer. 




Dear David

i had better luck. GP explained he couldnt see why i couldnt drive, the DVLA politely said they didnt need to know, but i must always be fit to drive and my insurance company said they didnt need to know.

So i started to drive when i felt up to it.

why things are so vague i dont know. 

Dear Colin

Thanks for your reply. I agree the DVLA have been vague in there responses to me, but I assume if they had any major concerns they would have asked for the return of my license.

My insurers have advised they have no concerns as long as the DVLA are happy for me to drive, which I assume they do, providing I feel fit and able to so safely.


Exactly as I found things. I am still driving four years later, always keeping journeys within my comfort zone.


Hi David, I think that you will probably have to wait until you've had a medical exam by your doctor and the DVLA have the information. I've had two eye tests and now have to do a driving assessment but due to Covid no idea when that might happen. The DVLA are a nightmare to deal with and don't seem to do anything quickly, I would double check with them that they are happy for you to continue driving. Good luck!


Hi Katy

Thanks for your reply. Pending the medical examination the DVLA seem to be putting the onus on me by saying I can drive providing I feel fit and able to do so. COVID seems to be putting everything on hold which is the last thing we need following a stroke.

Hope you are doing well.