Hi there. I had a stroke last December at the age of 25. I was left with a visial defect in the top right hand corner of both eyes. I has just started my dream business working with horses in october so as you can imagine this has set me back. Anways while in hospital they couldnt find anything as to what caused the stroke and after many tests i was disscharged. After a monthni went to see my gp who i made very aware in what i could see who gave me thr ok to drive and ride horses again but asked me to send a medical to the DVLA. After a further 8 weeks of driving the DVLA then got back and revoked my licence. I was absolutely gutted! In march i had an appointment to get a test done in the hospital which resulted in them finding a tiny hole in my heart. I was told my consultand would get back in touch with me to discuss options ... its now september and im still waiting on the call. Im fit and healthy (well as can be) but im so eager to get my licence back. Ive been told to wait a year and i can apply to ger it back the  after going to the astley ainsley hospital in Edinburgh to do an assesment. I just wondered if anyone has been in this possition before in how they got on as i find it difficult to get any advice for my doctor. Thanks kathleen

Hi Kathleen if I were you I would be calling the consultants secretary, explain to her and ask how much longer you will need to wait before getting appointment.  I had a similar situation of waiting for an appt with stroke consultant and after weeks of waiting rang his secretary, who knew nothing about it but called for my file from records to find that A & E had returned my file without actioning the appointment for stroke consultant.  So give them a ring to be on the safe side. Good luck