Driving licences

Anybody having issues with dvla my license ran out 22/1/22 and did online application did get letter asking for health and doctors never heard anything more, have tried online and it says ineligible for license that’s it any help

@Mickyboy i know the DVLA have a large backLog at the minute and are taking ages to process anything. I applied for my husbands renewal online just before Christmas and his new licence arrived in 2 days……he didn’t have any medical issues though. Anything that is going for a medical decision seems to be taking longer. It took 4 - 5 months for me to hear about my licence.
I would perhaps try ringing them but you’ll need to be prepared for a long wait in the queue.

Has anyone experienced similar problems over advice for resuming driving? I had my TIA with seizures in June last year and sent the STR1 and FEP1 to DVLA in Sept. DVLA has advised that my doctor should assess my ability to drive but neither my GP nor consultant are at all interested in helping - any advice as to what to do now would be appreciated!

@Higgy120 welcome to the forum. Sorry that you’ve had a TIA & seizures.
When I had my stroke last Dec I was told by my consultant that I wasn’t allowed to drive for at least 3 months & had to be cleared by DVLA before I could resume driving.
I notified the DVLA online about my stroke which then triggered some letters from them. I had to go for a DVLA sight assessment at Specsavers after which they then sent me for a medical with my GP. I have since been told by DVLA that I can keep my licence.
The DVLA sent a form to my GP for them to complete.
I don’t know if it is different for someone who has had a seizure but if it was me I would ask DVLA exactly what the DVLA need from your GP/Consultant & then go to them armed with that knowledge & see what they say. I know others have got their local MPs involved so that may be another avenue if you get nowhere.
Good luck x