Driving its ok

Had a phone call from the GP about driving. Ask me what the hopstial said told him the consultant said after 4 weeks I could drive and return to what I did before the stroke. He asked  me  some other questions then said I could drive after one month. So roll on18 of June when I get my Indendance back

Good news, I’m having to wait until I drive still as perception and blurryness is still an issue. Got further test before the Theropist puts me forward for some driving test. Miss the most note being able to drive and depend on others. Plus I dive for a living. All the best with your recovery 

Thanks I was very lucky my stroke only affected my balance and coordination but that's back to normal I still find getting down stairs hard work and getting up from. The floor lol but that was the case before the stroke. My balance is getting better Andi can walk around the house and on the level outside without a stick now. It's only been 2 1days since I had my mild stroke. But I will give it another 4weeks before I go back to work and even then I will cut back my hours. This as shown me that life can change and at almost 62 it's time to enjoy life. I do hope and pray that you recover from your stroke best wishes.

I’d take it easy from work as a stroke is a stoke low or high and from my short time on here giving more time to recover is better.

From this it’s shown me to enjoy every moment, I’m only 41 and did take things for granted and didn’t make the most of me and family time. 


Yes u are right I will get another months sick notes d see where I am.  If  I go back it will be three half days a week.hope all is well at your end

Better to recover then try rush back to work. Not sure about you but I do small tasks I’m shattered straight after amd always needing a rest mid afternoon. 

Not to bad my end. Endless football on TV and the sun is shining, all tho since my stroke I can no longer be out on it. 

Great news for you! Good luck with your ongoing recovery

Thañks hope u get to drive again soon x

Been out driving today everything went well just like it was before the stroke will not go daft for the first  few weeks

Well done how did it feel to be independent again ,i can't drive until I've seen the eye doc as I had double vision ..pippy

It was great I have been driving most days for over 30 years so it all went ok hope all is well with you at your end. Let me know how you get on with your recovery and driving all the best des

Hey ,that's good it went well ,I drove after a month then my stroke nurse came to see me and said I shouldn't be driving until after my appointment ,oops ! Didn't read the small print on my discharge letter ...im Doing really well most of the time there's days I'm not so good but that's mentally ,but they are fewer days now ,bet it felt good to get back behind the wheel again ,pippy ..

Hi all I've got my eye appointment tomorrow at the hospital fingers crossed I will be all set to drive after the appointment,I'm a bit apprehensive but also looking forward to having my independence back a bit hope you have all had a great weekend ...pippy ..

Good luck for tomorrow 

Thankyou ,will let you know ?

Hope it goes/went well and that you can start driving again x

Morning just got back from the hospital after having my eyes checked ,and they are perfect with my glasses I don't need any prism in the lens now so back to how they were before the stroke I'm guessing and free to drive again I'm so happy and can now get out and about ....I just need to take it easy and build up my confidence again ,they did lots of tests on the eyes so definitely gave me a thorough check which I'm so glad of ...pippy ...

That’s good news ?.. Driving will make a huge difference, just popping on a small trip is essential at times. Didn’t realise how much I’d miss it been frustrating relying on others for a lift. 

Enjoy your driving and get some summer tunes playing in the car 

 Thank you ...Yeah I've hated relying on my kids to pick me up and take me to places ,so now I can legally drive again it's a huge step forward ..I'm actually going to enjoy driving now I've taken too much for granted and when you can't do it it sucks ..so roof down on car and enjoy some tunes if we get some more sun lol ..how's you ..pippy 

Been a little rough last few days, headaches been awful so been given meds to hopefully help. Other than that ok lol. Just trying to crack on best I can.  Hope you’ve already enjoyed your first drive