Driving assessment

I’m waiting for a driving assessment with the QEF on 15 th February I haven’t driven since my stroke which is seven months ago. I need to know I can do this as I drive for a living as a gas engineer.
I feel physically that I can drive again but mentally I’m worried about my concentration and the shoulder pain I get which makes it hard to turn my head. I wondered if there was anyone that shares my concern or has experienced the same and come through it

@Adam1 I hope your driving assessment goes great. I haven’t had to do an assessment yet as still not allowed to drive. I share your concerns ref concentration as that’s a big problem for me at minute. I have been informed by DVLA today that I have to attend a medical examination with a GP. Have you done this? Can you offer any advice or know what it entails? Best of luck with your assessment,

Drove an adapted car for a while. Have no left sided function, eyes etc ok, concentration came back slowly. After ist assessment I took lessons again for a few months mostly to build confidence. Got good results on second assessment, then had my own car adapted. Had a minor scrape a few months later which the insurance company refused to repair, even though it was repairable. They insisted on writing it off much to my dismay. Couple of years ago. Don’t drive now, don’t have wherewithal or energy to sort out another car.
Fatigue was a problem sometimes. If assessment doesn’t go great 1st time, you’ll get there eventually. If you were a professional driver, you’ve got a head start. Best wishes, you’ll get it.

Hi Adam I took my driving assessment in August at a mobility assessment centre following my stroke the year before.I like you have shoulder and neck pains and some days can be a lot more painful than others. My stroke left me with a left sided weakness. My first visit to the assessment centre They give me a cognitive test and asked questions and asked me to move my arms turn my head. I them went out side with a driving instructor who ask me to read a number plate then we got in a dual control car and went for a drive round. I must say I was very nervous but he was great and put me at ease.
He said that that I did not need any adaptations to the car apart from the indicator arm needed to be made a little longer and a bracket on the wheel to fix steering knob. I then went back 2 weeks later had a driving lesson with the instructor and I went back to the centre where a motor ability assessor who sat in the back and I had take instruction from her where to go just like a driving test.
What I wanted to say it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be everybody was very helpful and put me at ease. I am please to say I am back driving.
I don’t drive the distances that I used to and must say I only drive to places I no because where I can park and how far I need to walk as my walking is not great. Hope this is some help sorry I have gone on a bit but good luck I am sure you will be fine.

Thanks for replying the gp just said I couldn’t drive for a month after my stroke. The stroke team recommended the QEF as a pathway to driving again. I’m very nervous but it will show my strengths and weakness
The pain in my shoulder is bearable and I’m getting stronger in my weak side so hoping it will go well. I’ll post my day tomorrow Good luck to you too

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I’m sorry that you no longer have the inclination to drive. I used to drive every day for my job so hoping it will be like riding a bike🙈I’ll let you know how it goes thanks again best of luck

You haven’t gone on at all your words and experience have helped me a lot. I appreciate you being so honest. I’m very nervous but hopeful that things will go well. Thanks again for the insight I will let you know how it goes, best wishes

Hi, let me know how things go I am sure it will be fine. It is not as if you are learning to drive once you get behind the wheel you will feel as if you have never not been driving. Good Luck.

Thanks Adam. I really hope it goes well for you tomorrow and I look forward to hearing about it.
I was told by my consultant I couldn’t drive for 3 months although it I’d usually a month. I’m told this is because of the vision problems I had following my stroke. I also have to be cleared by DVLA before I can drive. I’m really anxious about not being allowed to drive again as there is no public transport option where I live and my car is my lifeline.
Go and sock it to them tomorrow. I’m sure your confidence will soon come back when you’re behind the wheel again.

Hi everyone, just got back from assessment centre, feeling really exhausted but elated at the same time. Passed the cognitive tests, straight out on main road for 45 mins with two mentors assessing all the time. I felt normal , my old self just for a little while, it felt good. I’ve convinced myself if you put your mind to it you can do anything. They said just to practice a little a day. Anyone thinking of doing the same it’s not that bad.


@Adam1 well done. Sounds like you smashed it & that it has done wonders for your confidence. Go you. :partying_face:

Hi Adam
Well done so pleased for you. Great news now onto the next challenge?

Thank you I really think anything is possible now :sunglasses:

Thank you next challenge wil be back to full time work watch this space

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DEAR Mrs5K, I recently underwent a medical examination at my G.P’s requested by the DVLA, this was after months of waiting for a reply from DVLA(I had to get my MP involved to finally get a response from DVLA) The medical exam was straight forward first I saw the nurse to get my BP done, urine test and weight check, then I saw my GP just basically went through medication and hospital referrals and outcomes and future referrals, very straight forward, he filled in the required forms, hope this is useful.

@bigjay57 John, thank you for your reply. That is really useful & has helped allay some of my concerns. The DVLA has written to tell me to expect delays but not good that you had to get your MP involved to get it sorted. Being able to drive is a lifeline for many. Thank you again Ann

Dear Ann, I forgot to mention that my doctors rang me up to make my appointment after they had received the letter from DVLA which was 6 weeks after I had received mine, I made my own appointment only to be told that I had made the wrong type of appointment so make sure they understand the appointment you require and that they have the relevant paperwork which is online for them to fill in.

Good luck

Thank you John, that’s really useful as I don’t want to be going twice if I don’t need to. Best wishes,

I’m sure QEF were very helpful and offered great advice to you. I went to them and following advice about left foot adaptation (I have right side weakness and pretty poor mobility) I contacted a great driving instructor from N London who got me driving with his adapted car. These instructors ( and adapted cars) are like gold dust. After a further assessment and car adapted I’m driving again. WEll worth the cost. Good Luck.

Hi Adam1
I had little physical damage from my stroke, I was lucky. The first few times I drove, it was awful! I couldn’t judge how far other cars were from me or how fast they were going. I pulled right out in front of a few drivers! It was scary. I didn’t know if it would improve and it did. I’m still extra diligent when I drive, total concentration but I’m not as dangerous as I used to be!
Hang in there!