Driving after stroke survey

Stroke survivors tell us that the rules about driving after stroke can be complex and confusing. We want to improve our information to make it easier for future stroke survivors to understand.

Can you take five minutes to share your ideas and experiences in our online survey?

Your answers will help us create our new information about driving after stroke.

You can start the survey here.


I am interested in returning to driving so this is of particular interest to both me and my partner.
Thank you.


Very timely survey @AshleyTH i am today about to look at a car through the motability scheme.

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Skoda Kamiq MonteCarlo ordered today!!!
Im very excited to start driving again.

Motability scheme is brilliant


So glad to hear it!! :partying_face:

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What is the scheme? Do they just give you a new car? What entry criteria?

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Id go to their website @SimonInEdinburgh
Www.motability.co.uk and check your eligibility.

I get enhanced PIP so i qualify on that basis,
Then you choose the car that best fits your needs
Find a dealer who is part of the scheme from the website and go from there.
Its very straight forward and an excellent scheme…

The car ive picked out and now ordered will cost me a one off £195 and £62.50 per week ofmy PIP benefitevery week for 3 years. Includes everything, insurance, tax, servicing, breakdown cover. Literally just fuel and go!!! Plus can insure my wife and son too


cooo that’s good :slight_smile:

I don’t get the mobility bit of pip. Pleased for you thought! Way to go :slight_smile:

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Thanks simon, a positive by product of this whole thing

It’s good to find and focus on positives
Good for the mental healing

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Along with being current. Have been my two main mantras since my stroke.

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Had my driving assessment yesterday and was there 2 1/2 hours and it is thorough. Broken down into peronal info, sìmple test on awareness, memory, strength,movement Then there is driving component which lasted about 1 1/2 hrs on main roads driving their car. Its a good idea using a car you’re not used to as you need to show you can adapt and drive safely. Glad to say I passed which is going to make such a difference. I got a cancellation appointment with 12hrs notice so didn’t have time to worry about it. I wasn’t even that nervous as I thought of it as just another hurdle to get over. The examiners were great and gave lots of praise and encouragement I am 9 mths post stroke but the weaknesses in my right leg and arm


Oops lost message. So weaknesses in my right
leg and arm were checked for strength and flexibility and I managed ok Also have a long form to complete for DVLA as your supposed to notify them 1month after your stroke which I didn’t do My recommendation is treat it as yet another hurdle and go for it You can go back and resit it if needed and they will give you a focus to work on

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As a pensioner who has had a stroke after having become a pensioner, I have discovered that I am not eligible for any of the benefits that are needed to qualify for the Motability scheme.

It seems I am now too old and must now, presumably, stay indoors and sit by the fireside/television quietly drooling into my beard.

When did I ever do anything quietly?


PIP and those other benefits are not available once one reaches pensionable age.

Attendance Allowance is the benefit available for pensioners but it does not grant access to the Motability scheme, unfortunate, unfair, but it is how things are set up.

As I said before, once a pensioner, one is supposed to sit home and quietly dribble. Benefits are awarded to enable the drooling without causing any disturbances.

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At a time of life wĥen you need access to the mobility scheme it’s not avalable to over 65’s
Disgraceful. Yeah you can buy a car using attendance allowance money but you have to do it all yourself. Beinĝ a SS. I could really do without the hassle.

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Look guys, I just need to get into a corner somewhere, to sob gently and quietly allow myself to be overwhelmed.

I’m sure you understand.


Move over, misery lives company :grin:

Can’t even play cards as that needs two hands!

I don’t know your circumstances but may well be worth asking for a review of your pip award
Ask citizens advice bureau to help as it depends how it’s worded as it’s points and if not done correctly they won’t award , I know many people who should have got it but didn’t got this reason

Joining this thread very late. Had a stroke in May 2019. Worked hard to get leg back, with twice weekly aqua sessions, use of FES and hard work I can walk more than minimum motability want on most days so turned down twice. My arm use has not returned and I can’t drive a non adapted car and have a driving licence stating same but scheme based on walking and nothing else for someone like me. I’ve been told my arm disability doesn’t qualify me. Very sad but had to accept but it does seem injustice. I had to fight to keep my blue badge too. Very tiring and makes very sad. Only 49 so hoping to have many more driving years. Anyone had similar experiences?

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