Driving after 2 strokes

Hi, nearly 7 weeks ago my dad was admitted with symptoms of stroke which he had refused to be seen or treated for a week, the CT showed bilateral strokes that were not new but had happened with in 2 weeks, he came home 3 weeks ago. Thankfully this has only left him with expressive and receptive dysphasia and possibly some personality and emotional changes. We told him that after 2 strokes within 3 months he would have to inform the DVLA, he wasn’t best pleased about this and discussed it with the GP who informed him of the same thing, how likely is it that the DVLA will let him drive again and what time period are we looking at? All his motor functions are fine and the only thing that dad is struggling with is the aphasia. He is very frustrated at losing his independence and driving is important for my parents as he is the only one able to drive.

Our only concern is his temper, he’s always been on the grumpy side but he is getting more and more angry a lot of which is down to the frustration of needing help which he won’t ask for unless desperate and he hates having to rely on my sister and I to help with things like phone calls etc. I’m worried that if the DVLA want to an assessment he will just say “sod it” and carry on driving without the DVLA being aware. Sorry for the essay - it’s been a rollercoaster the last few weeks!!

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A few years ago my brother in law failed a driving ability test due to his poor eyesight. He had his licence withdrawn but took the same attitude of ‘I’ll drive if I want to’. He never did, of course. It might be worth talking with the family about his driving needs and what alternatives might help, for example, taxis, dial a ride, food deliveries. It is probably a case of angry bluster rather than breaking the law knowingly. However, others on this forum are probably better placed to give advice.

Hi, thank you for your reply, we have explained that we will help whenever he needs to get somewhere, they already have the shopping delivered, unfortunately buses and trains are not an option due to the fact his COPD and back pain mean he has been unable to walk more than a few meters without being in a pain, for a number of years, I think for him driving is the only bit of independence he feels he has left! We have tried explaining that’s strokes are unfortunately life changing but it’s may take a while longer to sink in!

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I can understand his frustration my licence was the first thing taken for me at the age of 40 and maybe i might never get it back.
and his anger and being grumpy and do not want to ask for help is very normal after stroke. only we other ss can understand. i used to hate it hate it when somebody used to ask me “how did you go” meaning how did i travel for my appointments or so…i used to hate it …

i must say you should fill the disability form he should get the help for his travel and you make his account with your local cab company. he will be comfortable and safe.

it will take some time for him to understand what happened and how he should start building new him…

it is tiring.