Drivers Medical Appraisal

I have a driving appraisal coming up, has anyone else done one? What should I expect?

I am in New Zealand and it may be different where you are but over here I was dealt with by people who were used to the situation and were very smooth and considerate. We had a chat for awhile while questions were asked about my abilities and fears and after that the physical test was taken and nothing extreme was expected of me. The test was a piece of cake.

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Hi Jordan, thanks for the link but I was looking for peoples personal experiences.

Getting my Drivers licence back after a stroke took 2 years of medical exams at the hospital letters from my Dr along with back & forth letters to the DVLA as well as eye test it’s was never ending then came the day when I was given a driving assessment by a medical examiner connected to DVLA . thankfully it’s wasn’t about 13:50/15:40 steering but to asses my abilities with all kinds of traffic situations . I passed & was given the all clear drive . A nightmare to say the least but worth the sweat/tears I endured … :red_car:

I had one about 6 years ago. I had a few ‘lessons’ there beforehand, just to get the hang of the controls (lollipop steering wheel and left hand automatic foot controls), but found the assessment really quite straightforward and nowhere near as stressful as an ordinary driving test. If you were a driver before your stroke you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Good luck!

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Update appraisal was all good, the couple of mistakes I made, I said I
Knew I’d made them at the time. So it was basically follow road signs, a manoeuvre and some verbal directions. Passed :blush:
Then… 2 days later I had a nose bleed slipped on my bathroom floor knocked
Myself out and woke
Up 3 days later after being on a life support machine. I now have to notify the dvla as they think it was a seizure so bye bye driving license for the 3rd time!! :rage: