Drawing & Painting

Hello, I’m new here.

I took up drawing and painting two years ago since i went off work sick and then finally lost my job as bus driver due to excessive sleepiness. I had a stroke event two months ago and now find it very difficult to concentrate enough to do any artwork.

Wow Annelouise, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, you have a real talent! I am sorry your stroke has affected your drawing, but hopefully this is something you find energy to get back to soon, maybe you could start with smaller drawings and work your way back to something like this? 

Wow! Keep on trying, AnneLouise! I'm a pianist and my hand flexibility and arm strength improve with practice!

Amazing artwork, love her hair and such expression on her face. heart

Hi I love your drawing. When I went to an art class years ago, we had to 'warm up' doing 30 second sketches of a model then, 3 minute sketches followed by the longer 90mins life drawing. Would help build up your tolerance and stop over thinking. I also found it hard to fill the page or know where to start so was taught to screw up the paper and use the creases to guide my drawing. Bit abstract but fun. May be a starting point until your fatigue improves. X