Dr Sox Soothers!

Has anyone tried these socks. They seem to pop up on every site I visit. Is it a too good to be true invention or do they work? I'd be interest to hear if anyone has tried them and if they are worth £27.95. a pair! Ouch! 

Hi Brenda, I've also seen adverts and articles written about these socks, but have never quite felt that I wanted to part with £27.96!!  Not quite sure where to find an unbiased, genuine review?  Maybe "Which?", they test and report on all sorts of items.  Maybe someone will buy them for you as an alternative  Valentine's Day ?? pressie!!!  Or maybe we could share the cost and have one sock each to 'road test' and then if they're good, we'll buy the second pair!!   ??    ??  ?

Ha Ha Ha LOL!  That made me laugh this morning! What more could a girl want on Valentines' Day than a pair of sox for oldies!  x